The Opening Ceremony of National Mathematics Contest (NMC) 2009 (with the Atmosphere of ICT)

Succeeding in holding National Mathematics Contest in 2008, STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta has managed to hold it back this year. The Contest has been formally opened by Drs. M. Idris Purwanto, MM.

The Contest is one of the annual programs of STMIK Amikom Yogyakarta, and this year, it has been headed by Hanif Al Fatta, M.Kom. Twenty nine teams, which come from Senior High Schools or Vocational High Schools in Indonesia, have taken part in the Contest to win trophies and money with the amount of three millions rupiahs from the committee. As the Contest is held at the College of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), that is STMIK Amikom Yogyakarta, the activities of the NMC have been completely done with the atmosphere of ICT. All preparations, including for on-line exams, interactive multimedia, and so on and so forth, have been made by the committee.

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