STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta Included into A New Dynamic Private Higher Education by UNESCO

Again, a pride was felt by STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta. Education Institution UNESCO includes STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta as one of the A New Dynamic Private Higher Education in the world.

World Conference on Higher Education 2009 discuss about many issues and education trend in various countries. New trend was appear in developed countries. The rapid growth of non-government higher education. Financing patterns of the private university were classified by UNESCO into 11 categories.  From this categories UNESCO takes several university from all over the world.

One of the world class universities, Harvard included into the eighth categories as private university based on government subsidies. By the research of grant aimed for competition, consultation, training program or special purposed project, Harvard University got education financing. This is the case in United State of America, where lot of private universities got big financing from government from the grant competition.

While STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta included into the eleventh categories, private higher education which is didn’t get subsidies from government. Most of the private universities were included in these categories. But there is one thing that makes STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta different by UNESCO, which are besides got financial support from student payment, STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta also dig financial support from Business unit which were being managed by entrepreneur. This business unit also becomes place for student to have some internship activity to get some experiences.

The Principal, Prof. Dr. M. Suyanto, MM very grateful regarding this achievement. “ I really thanks to God for making STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta equal to World class universities”./ MaSuk-Chend

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