M. Suyanto

Apart from the education that you live, you can start a business from the work you have done. Reuben Mattus started the business from a job as a child. He arrived in the United States from Poland in 1921. When it was 8 years old and with his mother who was a widow. To make money, mother Mattus sold lemon ice from a squeezed lemon and Mattus help. In 1932, he founded the company Senator Frozen Products in the Bronx and in the late 1950s to build an ice cream persusahaan Ciro’s being marketed through grocery stores and liquor stores. Then he had the idea to enter into supermarkets, but supermarkets are not asking for incentives can be met by Ciro.s. Mattus not easily discouraged, he kemudia create a luxury brand of ice cream made from real fruit, natural ingredients and are marketed through the imaginative use of the name smells of Danish “Haage-Dazs” as the perfect way to differentiate a brand new with its competitors. Three flavors Haagen Dazs, which first appeared is a sense of Vanilla, chocolate and coffee and sold in food stores in New York. Community positively welcomed the ice and only in a few weeks other stores throughout the United States to send a reservation for this new ice cream. Of-mouth marketing is enough to improve the distribution of these products to the urban centers and cities and universities in the Northeast region. People across America sent a letter asking how to get Haagen Dazs near where he lived. Some even volunteering to distribute this product. Mattus girls then proposed the idea to open a shop selling only brand Haagen Dazs. The first store opened in Brooklyn and opened a new era for this brand and was followed in major cities across America. In the year 1982, has been to expand into Canada and also cooperation with leading food companies and has crossed the Atlantic to Europe. The Europeans are welcomed with enthusiasm ice.

Eugene Schueller also started the business from his job as a chemist. As a chemist who was young, he managed to make hair dye formula which he calls innovative “aureole”. Then Schueller founded the company called “Franncaise Societe de Teentures Inoffensives pour Cheveux” in the year 1909, which eventually became “L’Oreal”. Schueller principles used to achieve success is to research and innovation which focuses on beauty. Starting from a small company and he himself as a chemical expert, just 11 years later added 3 chemist and is now approaching 2000 chemists employed. Schueller sell these products at the beginning to the hairdresser in Paris. Five years later, L’Oreal products have been found in the Netherlands, Austria and Italy. A few years later, through distributing agents and their representatives to the United States, Russia and Asia. Now, L’Oreal products have been present in the whole world and L’Oreal, including companies that are most remarkable in France and ranked 23 amazing world of Fortune magazine.

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