M. Suyanto

Starting to work as a teacher of State, Vocational High School III in Ciamis, Mr. Tatang Marta, who comes from Handapherang Village, Handapherang District , Ciamis regency, West Java, Indonesia, tried to do business by changing wood waste into various kinds of souvenirs. The wood waste of mahogany, pine, rosewood, coconut trunk has been used as the raw material for making watch boxes, sticks, small flower vases, wall clocks shaped like watches, jars, boxes of matches, soup bowls, and pencil boxes. He just wants to make the waste wood that has not been handled properly become useful. At first, Mr. Tatang was laughed at by local communities and his fellow teachers, and even he was thought to be the contribution beggar when he tried to find the remains of wood from factory to factory, and they gazed at him quizzically and called him “Mang”. Then, after knowing Mr. Tatang was a teacher, those people apologized and replaced it with a call “sir”. But, the biggest and oldest problem Mr. Tatang faced was a matter of marketing. He wondered whether people were willing to buy the souvenirs he had made. He wanted to take his goods to the city but had no friend who had a shop or a showroom to display them. Furthermore, he thought it would be impossible for him to offer his souvenirs as people sell fish or vegetables door to door. Eventually he decided to take part in an exhibition. When he was in the exhibition, he gave out his business cards to his fellow craftsmen and the entrepreneurs whom he happened to see there. He thanked God that the number of the buyers of his goods began to increase by means of the exhibition until he managed to get out of the marketing problem. Being interested in his goods, the visitors of the exhibition asked him to cooperate  with them and even finally found an agent who could market his goods to foreign countries. That was the beginning of the most successful businesses, ridiculed and gazed with a cynical view. Now the goods Mr. Tatang makes interest not only in the country, but also to foreign countries, such as America, Japan, Korea, Australia, Singapore to the Middle East.

I will finish when my final assignment in Physics FMIPA UGM, which calculates the phase angle of scattering of atoms by using numerical methods, so I worked with a computer. From the work I do is create IMKI Computer Education Center in 1988. I started from one of my Apple credit. Every business is always a resistance, that is, when for three months can not pay in the Apple computers, so that the computer was withdrawn by crediting my place. How to deal with students who course?. I say “This week we learn the theory first, God willing, next week we practice again”. That was the last weapon I have to make IMKI students persist. The beginning of a business usually starts from the difficulties, threats and even failures, but how to make it into an opportunity and can learn from the failure to achieve success in the future. Opportunities that arise when it is the Computer Professionals Program, One Year, the first in Yogyakarta and early escape from the difficulties currently Computer Education Center already has 12 branches and has about 2000 students students. From IMKI is STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta begins. You can also start a business from the work you have done.

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