By M. Suyanto

A dream constitutes the image of an event, or anything that appears in your sleep. Having a dream is to see something in your sleep or to fantasize something unattainable. In a real life, a dream is, however, to fantasize what might be achieved in spite of the fact that there is no picture on how to achieve it, or although it is very difficult to achieve. Then, an imagination is a delusion or a fantasy. Basically, dreams and imaginations are imaginary.

According to Gary Hammel, both the dream and the imagination are energy sources to drive an organizational strength. In the management literature, dreams and imaginations are called visions. Motorola dreamed of creating a wireless world, and wireless or mobile phones. Bill Gates dreamed of creating a computer on every desk in every home, and running Microsoft device. Then, Bill Gates made MS-DOS operating system, and created Windows that has caused Bill Gates to be the richest entrepreneur in the world.

Jeff Bezos is the founder of, which is the best store on the Internet in 2002 according to the version of Yahoo magazine. “Why I name my company Amazon was due to the fact that the Amazon is the largest river in the world” said Jeff Bezos. What about the Nile?. The Nile is the longest river in the world. The Amazon contains 20% water of the world, and Jeff Bezos dreamed of his company that would be able to control 20% of the world market., which opened its E-commerce site in July 1995, could sell 15.7 million dollars in 1996 and jumped to 600 million dollars in 1998. From November 1st to December 23rd, 2002, consumers in the world made orders 56 million items .

When my friends and I founded STMIK Amikom, Yogyakarta, I dreamed that it should be the best Computer College in Indonesia within 10 years. Perhaps those who saw the building of the College did not think that it was a college but a house because it was true that the building we rented was a home, and then a number of people laughed at us sarcastically. But after the College had 4219 students and owned grand air-conditioned buildings, and after the Department of Diploma III Information Management was accredited “A”, which was the first time in Indonesia, those who used to laugh at us was no longer cynical, and most of them laughed because they were astonished. It is true that the dreams and the imaginations of an entrepreneur are sometimes ridiculed by other people, because of weirdness, but as a matter of fact dreams and imaginations are prayers. The best way to manage your dreams and imaginations is to create the dreams and the imaginations themselves.

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