Address: Ring Road Utara, Condong Catur, Depok, Sleman, Yogyakarta 55283, Indonesia; Website: www.amikom.ac.id.

Vision: to be the best computer college in Asia; missions: to produce graduates with global qualities and entrepreneurial spirits; to generate research and community services with global qualities; and to be trusted by global communities.

Departments and Study Programs: Diploma-3 Information Management with concentrations on E-Commerce (Business Telecommunication Technology), Multimedia-Based Information System, and Computerized Accounting; Diploma-3 Information Technology with concentrations on Multimedia and Television Advertising, Internet Programming, and Computer Networking; Strata-1 Information Systems with concentrations on E-Commerce, Multimedia-Based Information Systems, Computerized Accounting, and TV Broadcasting; Strata-1 Information Technology with concentrations on Multimedia and Television Advertising, Internet Programming, Network Computer, and Cartoon Film; and Master in Computer Science with concentrations on Digital Media Technology (Animation Film), Information Systems and Chief Information Officer (CIO).


The Special Region of Yogyakarta is one province that has long been known as a center of Javanese culture and education center in Indonesia. STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta is located in the city center and it is about 4 kilometers from the international airport of Adisucipto Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The students of STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta are not only from various provinces in Indonesia but also from abroad.

In the last 3 years STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta has accepted a number of awards in both international and national levels for research on Information and Communication Technology. In the international level, the College has obtained the Asia Pacific ICT Award (APICTA) and an award from the APEC Digital Opportunity Center (ADOC), and in the national level, it got Sumitomo Award and awards from Indosat Wireless Innovation Contest, Indonesian Information Technology Federation, and the Indonesian Telematics Software Association.

There are several units of student activities to realize their interests, talents, reasoning, science, and entrepreneurial abilities, sports (nature lovers, taekwondo, football, kempo, basketball), journalism, theater, music, computers, multimedia, and spirituality. In addition, there are also many facilities for students, including a mosque, cafeteria, health center, academic advising, and Internet hotspot.

STIMIK AMIKOM has been exemplified as one of the models of getting a better idea of managing higher education institutions in the world by UNESCO. Below are the statements from UNESCO:

A New Dynamic: Private Higher Education Institutions

STMIK AMIKOM is a private university in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. STMIK is a kind of ‘academy’ in the four-tier post-secondary system of universities, institutes, academies and polytechnics. STMIK stands for ‘schools for technology, management, information and computers’. The academy concentrates on innovative technologies. It has an enrolment of more than 7,600 students, which compares strongly with nearby institutions that are closing because of a shortage of students. The academy produces graduates who are very popular in the labor market. The academy also runs several commercial enterprises: television channels, radio channels, cartoon production, software design, internet services, advertising, computer systems, consultancy and mobile networks. These commercial setups also provide valuable ground for student internships. The academy claims to produce ‘graduates with global qualities, productive, entrepreneurial, professionals, especially in knowledge based on computer and informatics’.


STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta has competitive advantages supporting its graduates to compete in the global market, and such advantages are: all the academic activities based on IT; internationally certified lecturers with competence in their fields; a variety of business units to equip graduates with work experience through the real-world labs that cover: Television Studio (RBTV), a place for students to learn how to manage TV stations, program planning, production and post production and broadcasting; Radio Studio (MQ FM), a place for students to learn various things related to radio broadcasting; Internet Service Company (Time Excelindo Internet Service Provider), a business unit for students to work and learn to manage their ISP, web hosting, web design, network administration, online system, and data communication; Animation, Multimedia, and Broadcast Company (MSV), a business unit for students to develop the ability to manage the multimedia business like cartoon production, company profile, media planner, TV commercial, and TV programs; Software Development Company, a business unit for students to develop skills in various things related to software engineering; international study programs including Cisco Academy and Oracle Certified Academy; language and computer laboratories supporting the development of expertise; and a variety of programs leading to the development of soft skills of students.


Starting from a few complaints of the entrepreneurs who found it difficult to seek for professional employment in the field of IT, the founders of AMIKOM Foundation would like to deal with such problems. For this reason, the Foundation was established.

AMIKOM Foundation

For the first time, the Foundation is headquartered in 8 Jl. Wolter Monginsidi Yogyakarta. The Founders’ names are Mohammad Suyanto and Purdi E. Chandra. The establishment of the Foundation is based on the notary act no. 76 dated December 29th, 1992, and the notary who passed the establishment act is Daliso Rudianto, SH.

In the first year, the number of the students who were accepted in the Department of Information Management was 44 students. A year later, AMIKOM got the listed-status Decree No. 084/D/O/1994 issued by the Education and Culture Minister of the Republic of Indonesia on October 11th, 1994. For the moment, all study programs were accredited.

Along with the increasing number of students, AMIKOM used two campuses in different locations, namely campus I at Jl. Wolter Monginsidi and Campus II at Jl. Kaliurang Yogyakarta. Some rooms were built in new locations to accommodate lectures, lab work and a library. In the academic year 1998 when the number of the students reached almost 800 persons, they could no longer occupy the building they used. So, since the academic year1998/1999, AMIKOM has definitely used a new, two-story building with 9 rooms. In the same year, the basement of Condong Catur campus, known as an integrated campus, was used for administrative staff rooms, classrooms, and a library.

Figure 1.1. The Integrated Campus of STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta

All institutional activities were done in the integrated campus from the Academic Year 2003/2004 until the completion of the unit II building. The construction of the Unit III building, of which the completion was planned within 6 months, began in May 2004, and in accordance with the plan, the fourth floor of the building has been functioned as a mosque. Because the trust of student candidates and their parents to AMIKOM has been evidenced by the fantastically rising number of applicants from year to year, the institution side felt the need to build a larger campus. There were two alternatives to the option of building such a campus, that is, either to build it on AMIKOM’s land located at west ring road with the risk of moving institutional activities to a new location in the course of building a lecture hall, or to buy land around the campus and build a new, integrated campus in the same location so as not to move the activities. Finally, thanks to the prayers of all students, AMIKOM managed to get land and build their own building at the location right next to the building of the integrated campus. The new, larger building, which began to be occupied and used for lectures in the 2001/2002 academic year, has 3 floors used as the administrative center, lecture halls and laboratories.

Figure 1.2. The building development model of STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta

The Organizational Structure of AMIKOM Foundation

Chairman : Drs. Khalis Purwanto, MM; Secretary : Agustin Siwiningtyas; and Treasurer : Drs. Audit M Turmudhi, MM

The Organizational Structure of College Management

College Head: Prof. Dr. Mohammad Suyanto, MM; Vice College Head I: Ir. Rum M. Andri KR. M. Kom.; Vice College Head II: Rahma Widyawati, SE, MM; Vice College Head III: Drs. Muhammad Idris Purwanto, MM; Chief Secretary: Agustin Siwiningtyas; Director of Innovation Center: Arief Setyanto, S.Si., MT; Head of Strata-2 Program: Dr. Abidarin Rosidi, MMA; Department Head of Strata-1 Information Technology: Ir. Abas Ali Pangera, M. Kom.; Department Head of Strata-1 Information Systems: Drs. Bambang Sudaryatno, MM; Department Head of Diploma-3 Information Technology: Sudarmawan, MT; Department Head of Diploma-3 Information Management: Krisnawati, S.Si., MT; Division Head of Human Resource Development: Istianingsih, SE, MM; Division Head of General Administration: Rahma Widyawati, SE, MM; Division Head of Academic and Student Administration: Achmad Fauzi, SE, MM; Division Head of Research Development and Social Service: Heri Sismoro, M. Kom.; Division Head of Technical Service Unit: Agung Pambudi, ST; Division Head of Business Placement Center: Drs. Muhammad Idris Purwanto, MM; Division Head of Public Relation: Erik Hadi Saputra, S. Kom.; and Division Head of Household: R. Muhammad Maskuri, S.Sos.I, MM.

Figure 1.3. The Organizational Structure of STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta


STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta as a Private College under the Coordinator of Private Higher Education in Region V aims to achieve national education goals by implementing three duties of higher education covering education, research and community service. Each field will be developed in accordance with the development of the Indonesian nation today and in the future. Based on the above statements, STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta has been set up with the aims of producing informatics professionals who are devoted, noble, skillful and knowledgeable of science, technology, culture, and entrepreneurship; maintaining and developing science, technology, culture, and entrepreneurship through religious guidance; and participating in developing communities and the Republic of Indonesia on the basis of Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution.


In order to excel in competition in the world of work, STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta equips graduates with real experience at AMIKOM’S enterprises (BUMA) as real laboratories of the world of work.


RBTV is in charge of TV broadcasting which has such excellent programs as the Secrets of Business, Quiz Plat AB, Cross Border Space & Time, and ‘Apa Kabar Jogja’. Students can learn to manage the TV station as program planning, production and post-production events, and broadcasting. Website: http://www.rbtvjogja.com

TE-CS Computer Shop

TE-CS Computer Shop, with the slogan ‘Maximize your PC’, has excellent services of hardware and software consultancy as health clinics. Each customer will get the right solution, so each computer as the output of TE-CS has a maximum performance. Here, students can learn to manage a business such as the provision of computers, assembly and service.


AMIKOM.Net is engaged in Internet cafes. AMIKOM.Net has 26 Pentium 4 computers equipped with 17” monitors, head sets, web cam, video streaming, comfortable air-conditioned rooms, and bandwidth with the speeds of 256 Kbps.

PT Surya Mataram Vision (MSV)

PT Mataram Surya Vision (MSV) is one of AMIKOM’s business units that specialize in animation, multimedia and broadcast. Here, students can learn to manage the multimedia business like a cartoon-film production, company profile, media planner, TV Commercial, and TV Programs, etc. Some professional works that MSV have ever produced are BAPPENAS Company Profile, the Video Profile of FH UGM, the Video Profile of Ever Oxi (Konimex), and Cartoon Films, of which the title are: Jatayu, ABDAN, Thunder Valley, ACIL (Anak Cinta Lingkungan), the cartoon film of BTKP Education of DIY, Moses & Khidr, Goodbye World. Website: http://www.msvpictures.com

FM 92.3 MQ Radio, Media Bening Hati – Being Together towards Goodness

Through different shades like desert oases in the middle of the routines of life, JOGJA FM 92.3 MQ Radio is present to accompany listeners’ activities that require soul touch to fill a niche heart missing peace, tranquility, and clarity through the presentation format of music and radio broadcasts of JOGJA FM 92.3 MQ Radio, constituting enlightenment, the coolness of full benefits, wisdom, and noble, moral values. With MQ Family Community Existence (Tahajud Call and Morning MQ), special programs (Morning’s Matters, my House Is my Heaven, Chanting MQ, Islamic Horizon, OASE, Q On Air, etc..), as well as the support of the latest technology and qualified human resources, may Allah make JOGJA FM 92.3 MQ Radio become one of the ‘laboratories’ leading electronic media and media partners in the development of Islamic values.

Cisco Networking Academy

Cisco Networking Academy opens complete program training starting from the bases of designing, building and maintaining computer networks to a global scale with the system of E-Learning. Here, students can obtain CCNA certification (Cisco Certified Network Associate) or CCNP (Cisco Certified Networking Professional) which can be used internationally. Website: www.cisco.natcad.net

Oracle Workforce Development Program

Oracle Workforce Development Program offers the program for OCP (Oracle Certified Professional) and OCA (Oracle Certified Associated) which issue international certifications from Oracle University USA.

Time Excelindo

Time Excelindo is AMIKOM’s business unit that specializes in Internet Service Provider. We have been dealing with the computer network and Internet of the Regional Governments of Sragen, Kebumen, and Kudus. Here, students can learn to manage ISP, web hosting, web design, network engineering, on-line systems, data communication, dedicated servers, collocation servers, software development. Website: www.te.net.id

Entrepreneur Campus

Entrepreneur Campus is to educate students to become ENTREPRENEURS with the concept of SMART in ENTREPRENEUR, that is to say, a positive mental attitude, creating and trying to realize a dream, taking a step to start a business, the secret of starting a business without any stood capital, accepting failure as a lesson, and God willing. Education at Entrepreneur Campus is supported by business consultancy at our website www.msuyanto.com


‘Education at STMIK AMIKOM has prepared career path for the students …’. (Asih Subagyo, Chief Executive Officer of PT Totalindo, Jakarta)

‘STMIK AMIKOM has given a positive mental attitude of education to prepare future leaders’. (Aryanto Yuniawan, General Manager of PT. Surya Mataram Vision)

‘The first lecture seemed so exiting …, so I knew very much about the world of informatics. Previously I knew nothing about computers …. At this purple campus I could undersdtand the bases of the informatics field, multimedia, networking, programming, database …’. (Widhiarta, Web Programmer)

‘Paradigms and creative ideas raised by STMIK AMIKOM can make me survive until now’. (Agus Setiawan, Employer of Chamber Training Center Denpasar, Bali, and arpatechnology.com)

‘To be honest, at first I was not interested in the computer world. I went to AMIKOM college just to fill time waiting for the next Entrance Test of State Higher Education . But 1 semester later, I did love the computer world. The new knowledge given and the familial management implemented by AMIKOM Foundation were so impressive that I could never forget my former small college which is now becoming magnificent. I thank AMIKOM for showing me the way’. (Herbirowo Adjie, Systems Analyst of PT Bukit Makmur Mandiri Utama)

‘To be honest, before I went to AMIKOM College, I was a silent person and was not confident. But, everything changed when I entered AMIKOM. Confidence, enthusiasm, willingness to develop, and hard work were all formed. I did feel a change in me, and when I really work, I feel how fortunate I’ve been a part of AMIKOM. For me, AMIKOM has provided a strong foundation for my career and personality’. (TB. Asep Nurdin, M. Kom., Vice College Head I of STMIK Serang, Banten)

‘Tie symbolizes professionalism; wearing a tie makes me behave professionally anytime. I have never regretted leaving one of the state universities in Yogyakarta to study at STMIK AMIKOM, because STMIK AMIKOM prepares students to face not only the labor world but also the business world …’. (Iwan J. Firmansyah, IT Support Call Center Telkomsel Surabaya)

‘Besides learning IT, the students of STMIK AMIKOM have also been equipped with Entrepreneurship”. (Jaeni, S. Kom, the Winner of OTO Affiliate Contest held by Sumitomo Corp. Website: www.Gratisan.com)

‘I have got the knowledge that can be practiced in the world of work like Leadership and Confidence…’. (SARIMUN, Manager / Programmer in Jakarta)

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