Written by M Suyanto

Many people have asked me questions about how to create the idea, to implement it in doing a business, and to boost the business with it. It is not easy to create an original idea, so a large number of techniques are required to do so, and one of them is minimization technique.

The technique of minimization is that of minimizing physical things and time in terms of business. Honda could successfully use the technique of minimizing products physically when entering the U.S. market. Many big, 250cc or 350cc motorcycles were used in United States by then. At first, Honda tried to market motorcycles with the same sizes but failed. Then, he utilized minimization technique by making smaller, 50cc motorcycles that he called Super Cup, which started his success. Within just five years, one among two motorcycles used in Los Angeles was a Honda. Furthermore, the leader of Sony, Akio Morita, also made use of minimization technique after seeing a young man listening to music and walking everywhere with a big tape recorder on his shoulder. Then, he decided to replace a big tape recorder into a small one that could fit into a pocket. Morita realized the idea by creating smaller tape recorders that he called Walkman, which was the beginning of the company’s success. Then, Morita also realized the same idea by changing a big, video camera into a small one that he called Handycam. Another minimization technique was applied in a floppy disk, which constituted the minimization of a data storage in the forms of a magnetic tape and a magnetic disk. Even in times of crises minimization technique was very beneficial. The package weighing 1 kg could be converted into a small one weighing 200 grams or 100 grams, so the price became cheaper. In times of crises, price factors could determine whether or not consumers decided to buy products. Besides, minimization technique can also be made for time. Dell Computer Company minimized time required for testing a network, i.e. from 60 days or 90 days to 15 days, and it took only five days to get a complicated system. Minimization combined with E-Commerce has been able to bounce back and made Dell a number-one, PC seller in the world in 1999. Then, Citibank applied error minimization techniques in the process of serving customers. Citibank has utilized the sigma system to improve service quality. The higher the sigma; the smaller the error. However, Citibank also recognizes that without any satisfying human resources there will be no customer satisfaction.

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