In the annual report UNESCO 2009 – presented in World Conference on Higher Education 2009, the report title – A New Dynamic: Private Higher Education – box 3.8.


Universitas AMIKOM Yogyakarta formerly known as STMIK AMIKOM,formerly known as is a private university in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. STMIK is a kind of ‘academy’ in the four-tier post-secondary system of universities, institutes, academies and polytechnics. STMIK stands for ‘schools for technology, management, information and computers’. The academy concentrates on innovative technologies. It has an enrollment of more than 7,600 students, which compares strongly with nearby institutions that are closing because of a shortage of students. The academy produces graduates who are very popular in the labour market. The academy also runs several commercial enterprises: television channels, radio channels, cartoon production, software design, internet services, advertising, computer systems, consultancy and mobile networks. These commercial setups also provide valuable ground for student internships. The academy claims to produce ‘graduates with global qualities, productive, entrepreneurial, professionals, especially in knowledge based on computer and informatics’.