Based on the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 12 Year 2012 on Higher Education, the degree program is an academic education which aims to prepare students to be intellectual and / or scientists cultured, able to enter and / or create jobs, as well as be able to develop themselves professionally. Computer Engineering study program is
degree program that aims to prepare students to become intellectually prepare and / or scientists cultured, able to enter and / or create jobs, and to be able to develop to become a professional in the field of Engineering / Computer Engineering and disseminate their use and seek to improve the welfare and standard of life of the community. Computer Engineering study program is an undergraduate academic education level Tier One (S1) with the academic degree of Bachelor of Computer (S. Kom) with a study load of 144 to 160 credits are scheduled can be reached within 4 to 5 years after secondary education. The study program Engineering / Computer Engineering, will produce experts or entrepreneurs with a workmanship is based on the basic knowledge and skills of Engineering / Computer Engineering Thesis writing activities through working practices and understand the rules of Bohemian society with their skills and professional ethics experts Computer Engineering.
Currently bachelor’s degree study program (S1) that has been implemented is the Information Engineering Program and Program Information Systems study. The study program is relatively close to Study Program Engineering / Computer Engineering is Informatics Engineering Program. Information Engineering study program generally are not dealing with just the hardware that runs the software, or the only organization that uses information to provide value computation. Informatics Engineering study program related to the activities of designing and developing all kinds of software on the system infrastructure (operating systems, communication programs, etc.) for technological applications (web browsers, databases, search engines, etc.), but does not manage its spread. While Engineering / Computer Engineering focuses on the design and construction of computers and computer-based system, which involves the study of hardware, software, communication and interaction among the three (Computing Curricula 2005). In addition, there are no universities in Yogyakarta and Central Java which opened the Study Program Engineering / Computer Engineering, especially based entrepreneurship (entrepreneurship).