Concentrations on:

1. Multimedia and Television Advertising
2. Internet Programming
3. Computer Networking

Career Prospects:

SOFTWARE INDUSTRY: Consultant, Planning Manager, Project Manager, Systems Analyst, Software Designer, Database Administrator, Chief Pro- grammer, Network Administrator, Network Analyst, Database Program- mer, Communication Programmer, Contract Programmer, Scienti c Programmer, Business Programmer, Technical Writer, Documentation Librarian, Coder and Programmer.

HARDWARE INDUSTRY: Consultant, Research and Development Man- ager, Project Manager, Engineer, Designer, Area Manager, Line Supervi- sor, Fabricator, Technician.
INSTALLATION AND MAINTAINING SERVICE INDUSTRY: Technician, Tech- nical Specialist, Field Engineer, Service Manager, Data Processing Man- ager, Project Manager, EDP Auditor, Security Administrator, Systems Administrator, Support Administrator, Operation Research Analyst, Ca- pacity Planning Analyst, Customer Operator, Sales Marketing Engineer, Sales Marketing Manager.

BROADCASTING: Producer, Director, Script Writer, Reporter, Designer. INTERNET: Web Administrator, Web Designer, Online Marketing Man- ager, Account Manager, E-commerce Manager, Internet Marketing Consultant, E-business Controller, Customer Retention Manager, SEO Manager, A liate Marketing Manager, Information Architect, E-learn- ing Advisor, Online Project Manager, Business Analyst, Media Planner, Civil Servant.