Graduate ready to take on a world of opportunities. Exceptional communicators can move into many, varied roles. Learn about cinema, journalism, media production, advertising and public relations, and choose a eld to suit you. Designed to break through the industry, the program produces The Winner of The Best Websites Tourism Promotion Organization Asia Pacific Cities Beijing China 2011, and Nominated Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) Awards Thailand 2011.

Career prospects

   This program will prepare you for many roles, including: setting up an event organizer company, a production house, a advertising company, training and public relations company, a media company, a performing art / lm company , a ICT company, a company of international rela tions and negotiations (Independent Sector), Public Relation O cer, Media Manager, Public Relations Planner, Negotiator, Journalist, Media producer, Media liaison, Media researcher, Film producer, Director, TV and radio producer, Scriptwriter, Cameraman, Photographer, Content developer, Account manager, Creative service, Event Producer, Event Programmer, Reporter, Media Planner, Event Manager, Campaign Man- ager, Marketing Expert, Media Analyst, Event Organizer, Host, Editor, Graphic Designer (Private Sector), Public Relations / Public Relations O cer, Capaign Director, Program Coordinator, Legislative Assistant, Research specialist, Ellected Official (Government Sector)

Industry connections

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities ordered by RBTV, the student-run television station broadcasting on Channel 40. Students can also work with radio broadcasters MQFM, lm production MSV Pictures, and Advertising Agency Mataram Surya Visi. University of Amikom Yogyakarta is committed to providing you with an education that strongly links formal learning with professional or vocational practice. AMIKOM International O ce supports students to undertake an exchange or short term mobility activity with partners all over the world including, Walt Disney, Tencent, Paramount Pictures, California Pictures, KRU Studio, Blackberry, CJ Enetertainment, Florida Film, Yi Animation, Chane In, Fastastic Film, Mercury Film, Global Eagle Entertainment, In2 Group, etc.

International Opportunities

AMIKOM International Office supports students to undertake an ex- change or short term mobility activity at worldwide partner universities such as Deakin University, University of Tasmania, Budapest Business School, Szechenyi Isvan University, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Asia University, Lunghwa University of Science and Tech- nology, Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard, Unitar International University, Universiti Teknologi Mara, Universiti Teknologi Malaka, The Institute of Technical Education (ITE) Singapore etc.