Designed to break through the industry, the program produc- es Awards in animated feature lms, such as Gold Remi Award Worldfest Houston International Film Festival 2016, Grandprize Winner SICAF 2016 The 20th Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival, Winner Best Animation, 3th Noida Interna- tional Film Festival 2016, Winner National Intellectual Property Award 2016-Animator, Winner National Intellectual Property Award 2015-Creative Human in Creative Economy

Career prospects

This program prepares you for a range of occupations and industries, such as entrepreneurs, the companies of creative services, design, pub- lishing and printed media, new media, audio visual, visual arts, perform- ing arts, traditional curtural expressions and cultural sites organization and in other private sector or government organisations requiring tech- nical expertise in creative economy analysis.

Industry Connections

AMIKOM Creative Economy Park refers to an assigned area designed to promote innovation. It is place that supports university, industry and government collaboration with the intent of advancing knowledge and promoting technological and economic developments such as Walt Disney, Paramount Pictures, California Picture, Tencent, CJ Entertain- ment, Blackberry, Florida Film, Yi Animation, Chance In, Fantastic Film International, and Sabre.

The parks o er a number of shared resources, such as incubators, com- panies, programs and collaboration activities, cinema, museum, man- agement o ces, restaurants, bank o ces, convention center, parking, internal transportation, entertainment facilities, etc. In this way, the park o ers considerable advantages to hosted companies.

Creative economy parks are supported by universities in order to bring in an industry with which they can collaborate and by government in order to improve the prosperity of the community. Incentives to attract companies to the area are often o ered as part of the entire package. With pioneering companies like MSV Pictures, GITS (Game Studio), Time Exellindo, RBTV, MQFM Radio, TeraTechno, MSV Outdoor, and Al-Madi- na.

International Opportunities

AMIKOM International O ce supports students to undertake an ex- change or short term mobility activity at worldwide partner universities such as Deakin University, University of Tasmania, Budapest Business School, Szechenyi Isvan University, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Asia University, Lunghwa University of Science and Technology, Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard, Unitar International University, Universiti Teknologi Mara, Universiti Teknologi Malaka, The Institute of Technical Education (ITE) Singapore etc.