Yannig (Belgium)

“… I’m happy to be here because everyone is nice with us, very welcoming. It’s great to be surrounded by real people, by students, by professionals. So, I think it’s a very good place…”




Camille (Belgium)

“… The first day in amikom was great. Everybody was so welcoming, and it was really a pleasure to come here and you know, be greeted by all these people. and I think the place is great…”





John (Belgium)

“… Amikom is really a nice place. Everybody is really friendly. The culture is really nice, we enjoy it…”





Abbie Ho Sze Xian (Singapore)

“…Hi, my experience in schooling here was really good. The lectures were wonderful. The teachers are really knowledgeable…”





Naveen (Singapore)

“… I would really like to thank the teachers for choosing me for this trip. The experience I had here encouraging me to push me better in my studies…”




Nur Kharina Bte Asmi (Singapore)

“… I really learned a lot from the professionals and I feel honoured to be chosen and to be here to learn from them. What I learn is feeling knowledgeable and I can apply when I’m back in Singapore…”




Lin Pei Ting (Singapore)

“… My experience here is really cool. I learned a lot things, like 2D and stuff like that. The people here are really nice, like it makes feel really fun to be share…”




Arif Jamak (Singapore)

“… It’s been a mounth I’m here in Yogyakarta and it was a blast. The teacher here are very talented and awesome. The people here also extremely nice and took care of us very well….”




Kong Kaye, Veronical  (Singapore)

“… We learn about tradition and in class we learn about 3D and 2D. I really love the tradition here and all traditions are so nice. It’s a very new subject to me, I really like it a lot…”