Q-Faraid, Patrimony Software Patrimony is a crusial thing in a family. So, Islam has Faraid to rule the things related to patrimony. In Indonesia, which mostly consists of Islamic people, patrimony rules based on Faraid must be implemented in the Read more

A Java Based Taxi Position Tracke

Jazi Eko Istiyanto (1), Andi Sunyoto (2) (1) Laboratory of Electronics and Instrumentation Physics Department, Gadjah Mada University (2) AMIKOM Computer College Yogyakarta e-mails :, Abstract A taxi monitoring and tracking system, based on the programming language Java, Read more

Nabataen Business (4)

By M. Suyanto The fundamental, economic strength of a nation can be obtained from two sources, namely that the source came from sources within and from outside. Sources from the economic of Nabataen in the production of bitumen, among others, Read more

Nabataen Business (3)

By M. Suyanto In the period 20 BC – 106 M, Nabataen sell power to the Roman and a Roman citizen with permanent hope of a monopoly business in East Asia. Nabataen, who believe in the city of Petra, reached Read more