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Written by M Suyanto

Many people have asked me questions about how to create the idea, to implement it in doing a business, and to boost the business with it. It is not easy to create an original idea, so a large number of techniques are required to do so, and one of them is minimization technique.

The technique of minimization is that of minimizing physical things and time in terms of business. Honda could successfully use the technique of minimizing products physically when entering the U.S. market. Many big, 250cc or 350cc motorcycles were used in United States by then. At first, Honda tried to market motorcycles with the same sizes but failed. Then, he utilized minimization technique by making smaller, 50cc motorcycles that he called Super Cup, which started his success. Within just five years, one among two motorcycles used in Los Angeles was a Honda. Furthermore, the leader of Sony, Akio Morita, also made use of minimization technique after seeing a young man listening to music and walking everywhere with a big tape recorder on his shoulder. Then, he decided to replace a big tape recorder into a small one that could fit into a pocket. Morita realized the idea by creating smaller tape recorders that he called Walkman, which was the beginning of the company’s success. Then, Morita also realized the same idea by changing a big, video camera into a small one that he called Handycam. Another minimization technique was applied in a floppy disk, which constituted the minimization of a data storage in the forms of a magnetic tape and a magnetic disk. Even in times of crises minimization technique was very beneficial. The package weighing 1 kg could be converted into a small one weighing 200 grams or 100 grams, so the price became cheaper. In times of crises, price factors could determine whether or not consumers decided to buy products. Besides, minimization technique can also be made for time. Dell Computer Company minimized time required for testing a network, i.e. from 60 days or 90 days to 15 days, and it took only five days to get a complicated system. Minimization combined with E-Commerce has been able to bounce back and made Dell a number-one, PC seller in the world in 1999. Then, Citibank applied error minimization techniques in the process of serving customers. Citibank has utilized the sigma system to improve service quality. The higher the sigma; the smaller the error. However, Citibank also recognizes that without any satisfying human resources there will be no customer satisfaction.

Written by M Suyanto

Entrepreneurs are people who respond to any changes in the environment in creative and innovative ways. Environmental changes do not cause problems, including crises, provided that they are solved in such ways. Thus, beyond the emergence of difficulties or the threat, there is also a promising opportunity. Creativity is the ability to promising new ideas, and innovation is the application of new thoughts.

As a matter of fact, we are all creative beings, and if creativity has never been practiced regularly, it can be paralyzed as the muscles of someone who have never done exercise. According to the measurement of the creativity done through the tests given to different age groups, the above statement proves to be true. In terms of creativity, George Land proposed in his research report entitled “Break-Point and Beyond” that five-year-old children got a score of 98%; ten-year-old children received a score of 32%; fiveteen-year-old children gained a score of 10%; and forty-two-year-old adults obtained only a score of 2%. According to the result of the research, the children were inclined to be more creative than adults. In short, children make creatively thinking skills their routine activities. They always make an observation and ask a question that they love most, that is to say, “Why?”. Sometimes children do not believe the remark of an adult until they are able to prove its truth themselves and take conclusions of their own. When my daughter was three years old, she asked her mother, “Mom, what is Heaven like?” Her mother replied, “In heaven, if you ask for meals, they will soon come themselves, and when you ask for drinks, they will immediately come alone.” My daughter spontaneously responded, “So, heaven is like a restaurant, isn’t it?.” Hearing the answer, my wife smiled spontaneously. Then, my son once asked me a funny question. When I came home from work, he suddenly asked me, “Dad, if you have five tennis balls in your hands, and one of them falls, what will happen?”. “I still have four balls in my hand,” I replied. “You are wrong. The correct answer is that the ball that falls changes into a rabbit,” he said. “Why does the ball become a rabbit?” I asked in surprise. “Yes, because it was magic,” he answered innocently. Why he replied so was because he once saw such a magic on TV. Furthermore, there was another five-year-old child who suggested a very good idea. One day the child walked at night. Then, because it was dark, he tripped over a stone, and he spontaneously he said, “The shoes should have had lights on them.” This idea has inspired some shoe makers who have produced shoes with lights on them, and of course what the child has proposed constitutes remarkable creativity. However, in process of growing up kids tend to follow the rules of adults and receive information without any dispute. With the rules and limits of adults, the creativity of the children really becomes limited. However, keeping asking, drawing conclusions, and seeing things from a new point of view as children do, we will remain creative and innovative.

By M. Suyanto

Tom Peters and Robert Waterman put Hewlett-Packard as the best company at the end of 1970. Jerry Pornas and James Collins in their book entitled “Built to Last” included Hewlett-Packard as a company receiving an award for its long survival. Based on a poll, the company was one of the companies with the best management. Similarly, Fortune magazine included Hewlett-Packard as one of the most admired companies in the world. Hewlett-Packard is a company that has been successful in achieving many remarkable accomplishments.

Hewlett-Packard was founded with the stood capital of $ 538 by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard in a garage that they rented in Palo Alto in 1937. Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard were classmates at Stanford University. “We think we’ll have a job for ourselves. We do not think that we can have a big company,” said Packard. “The garage is the origin of Silicon Valley”, said Stuart Crainer in his book entitled “The 75 Greatest Management Decision Ever Made.”

The first product of Hewlett-Packard’s sales was the gauge of sound waves sold to Walt Disney. The result from the sales was $ 5,100 with a profit of $ 1,300, the first success of Hewlett-Packard. The next products were the automatic machine leveler of lettuce, and shock machine to help people lose weight. Hewlett-Packard also considers the market for automated tools to dump urine, bowling floor sensors, and air conditioning. They left the garage in 1940.

However, Hewlett-Packard experienced a crisis after the world war occurred in 1946. When a crisis occurred, creativity began to emerge. Furthermore, Hewlett-Packard dared to make a decision to recruit more people who had technical ability. The results were quite impressive, and sales reached $ 2.1 million in 1948.

Hewlett-Packard does not rely on long-term debt in developing businesses but on products that can become market leaders. “Our job is to design, develop, and produce the best for the sake of scientific progress, and the prosperity of mankind. We intend to devote ourselves to the task,” said Packard.

In 1976, one of the engineers found that if the metal is heated in a certain way, it will disperse. The decision to use this technology rose the business of the ink-jet printers which eventually have become successful laser-jet ones, and the success started from a rented garage.

By M. Suyanto

Creativity is the ability to present new ideas, and innovation is the application of the new ideas. Actually we are all creative beings, but creativity has become paralyzed, because it is rarely practiced on a regular basis as muscles have never been trained. It is not easy to create an original idea, and even Voltai said “The Original does not exist except a wise imitation.” Creativity is almost always used in advertising, because advertising created with creativity can help inform, persuade, remind, increase the value, and “blow up” advertising.

A German sociologist, Max Weber, has determined that people think by using two ways: first, objective and rational ways of thinking based on facts, for example, answering the test items according to rational thinking styles and facts, and second, qualitative and intuitive ways of thinking based values, for example, buying a car by using intuition and knowledge to make decisions with the qualitative values of the feature, style and performance of the car, which are all considered with its price. Most theories of thinking are in accordance with two general categories, namely: ways of thinking based on facts, and ways of thinking based on values.

If you prefer the style of thinking based on facts, you should ask an advertising agency to produce ads that are simple, direct , rational, and that use a lot of data. Hewlett-Packard printer ads, which have been handled by Saatchi & Saatchi advertising agency, have been created with this approach, and so has Clear ad. However, if you prefer the style of thinking based on values, you should ask an advertising agency to produce ads that are soft, smooth, intuitive, emotional, and metaphorical. Nike and BMW ads have been created with this approach. Sunsilk Clean & Fresh ad from PT. Unilever featuring an Indonesian, veiled, film star, Koesherawati Inneke, has been made according to ways of thinking based on values. This ad appeals to a lot of people, as it looks different. Unlike the other shampoo ads always featuring beautiful models with shiny hair, in this ad hair is not displayed at all. This ad is cleverly designed to be aimed at veiled women, and it proves to be successful in Malaysia and is also expected to succeed in Indonesia. Nevertheless, there are advertisers that combine both of the approaches.

By M Suyanto

God has created banana trees for the benefit of living creatures, particularly human beings. Banana trees grow in tropical areas, for example, in Asia, Africa, etc. Gobel Dharma Nusantara Company has made use of the philosophy of banana trees to mobilize its human resources so that it can compete with other companies and survive. The Company, which has cooperated with Matsushita firm, has produced Panasonic products and can afford to export them. This philosophy was invented by Thayeb Mohammad Gobel, the founder of the Company, in 1954.

In fact, all parts of banana trees are useful to us. The bananas, which are shaped curved, yellow or red, soft and sweet when ripe, contain vitamins. Banana leaves are used for wrapping food; their leaf sheaths for children-toys; banana blossoms for vegetables; banana trees for putting puppets in a shadow puppet show; and even banana skins for feeding goats. The benefits of bananas trees illustrate the philosophy that all the employers, as well as the employees of Gobel Dharma Nusantara Company, should be able to get on well in team work in order to make the products that are beneficial to communities.

Gobel Dharma Nusantara Company applies self-management that makes an efficient management system, listening to and satisfying customers. All that are around the Company are considered customers, such as communities, investors, suppliers, employers, employees, coworkers, governments, and environments. Suppliers and distributors should proportionally have mutual prosperity.

Gobel Dharma Nusantara Company keeps on trying to make useful products in accordance with its customers’ needs, and the products should have high quality with affordable prices. Satisfactory services are dedicated to achieving public welfare. Profits are used for investors, employees, business continuity, taxes, and social welfare. ”None of us blames each other”, said the leader of the Company.

Then, in spite of being cut off many times, banana trees will grow again as long as they haven’t produced fruits. After producing fruits, banana trees are ready to die. In this respect, banana trees describes the philosophy that both the employers and the employees of Gobel Dharma Nusantara Company totally dedicate themselves to the Company for the benefit of their customers, and prior to producing the best work, they will never leave the company, and they are ready to sacrifice for the achievement of corporate goals for the happiness for all of them, and they feel that they work at their own company with great sincerity and humility. Progress and development can only be realized through the joint effort and cooperation of every employee. The employees of the Company are united in spirit, and  they have pledged to carry out their tasks with high dedication, perseverance, and integrity.

In the end, before dying, the kids of banana trees grow around their parents to be ready to take over them, and in terms of it, banana trees illustrate the philosophy that the employers of Gobel Dharma Nusantara Company have processed the continuity of their offspring to continue the running of the company to remain a company that excels in the competition. Employees are empowered by developing the individuals regarded as the cores for the surnival of the Company before it gets to the step of its declination, and they should have personal and corporate responsibilities to serve society members as the baton holders of their predecessors.