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GIT Solution is a company that provides services in the eld of plan- ning, construction and development of information system nationally and internationally. PT GIT Solution ready to compete in providing ser- vices and optimal result to meet customer satisfaction by implement- ing creative and innovative technology.

GIT Solution as a company owned by STMIK AMIKOM YOGYAKARTA established since 2003 which was still at the stage of early develop- ment at that time. Later on at 2009 GITS was built a website engine that able to use in mass for web pro le and Small Medium Enterprises, E- Commerce, E-School, E-Campus and E-Tourism at an a ordable prices. In 2011, GITS’s products begin to grow by launching some products for Small Medium Enterprises. In the year of 2013 GITS begin to open services based on interactive game development.

Today, GITS develops many innovative and creative website building for SME, schools, universities, private enterprises, also personal and tourism industry performer in business networking expansion, web based teaching learning information and local tourism destination information. GITS also designs web based information system devel- opment for MDG’s pro le report system, employment information sys- tem and reservation information system. Our experiences motivate all stakeholders of GITS to work creatively and innovatively for the bene t of all.