GIT Solution is a company that provides services in the field of plan- ning, construction and development of information system nationally and internationally. PT GIT Solution ready to compete in providing services and optimal result to meet customer satisfaction by implementing creative and innovative technology.

GIT Solution as a company owned by University of AMIKOM YOGYAKARTA established since 2003 which was still at the stage of early develop- ment at that time. Later on at 2009 GITS was built a website engine that able to use in mass for web pro le and Small Medium Enterprises, E- Commerce, E-School, E-Campus and E-Tourism at an a ordable prices. In 2011, GITS’s products begin to grow by launching some products for Small Medium Enterprises. In the year of 2013 GITS begin to open services based on interactive game development.

Today, GITS develops many innovative and creative website building for SME, schools, universities, private enterprises, also personal and tourism industry performer in business networking expansion, web based teaching learning information and local tourism destination information. GITS also designs web based information system devel- opment for MDG’s pro le report system, employment information sys- tem and reservation information system. Our experiences motivate all stakeholders of GITS to work creatively and innovatively for the bene t of all.

Product and Service

Web & App

Building and developing Information Systems, e-commerce, web profile, iOS and
Android mobile apps, and SEO.

PIHPS SiHaTi, Bank Indonesia,  Central of Java.

Along with the economic development of Central Java that became a lot com- plex, required the existence of an inte- grated monitoring system about eco- nomic conditions that accurate, fast, and the latest by developing SiHati (price information systems and com- modity production) version 3. Features:

1. Android-based: Early Warning Indicator

  1. Android-based Virtual Meeting
  2. Data Visualization (tables, maps, and charts) consumer and producer level with web and mobile apps basis

PIHPS Sigapura, Bank Indonesia, Bali

A web-based Major Food Price and Bali’s Strategic CommodityInformation Systems. Features:

1. Price Data Visualization in consumer level
2. Price Data Visualization in production level 3. Price Information Via SMS
4. Price Information in Android Version
5. EWS Via Sms/Email

PIHPS Siharapanku, Bank Indonesia,  North Sumatera

Information services and data processing website that aims to monitor the prices at the consumer and producer level of all districts / cities in North Sumatera. Features:

1. Price Data Visualization (Tables, Graphs, Maps)

2. Price Information Via SMS
3. Data Input Via SMS
4. Android Version

5. EWS Via Sms /Email


PIHPS SiKok Jambi, Bank Indonesia, Jambi

Web and Android-based Commod- ity Price Information System of Jambi Province and for monitoring commod- ity prices in Jambi Province. Features:

1. Data Visualization (tables, maps, and charts) in consumer level

2. Price Information Via SMS
3. Price Information in Android Version 4. EWS Via Sms/Email


Aplikasi Smart City Layak Anak is a web and android-based app that aims to provide useful information that can be accessed eas- ily by all levels of so- ciety and IHC staff in each districts. Features:

1. IHC Module
2. Activity Module for PKK 3. Case Report Module

PT. XL Axiata, Pemerintah Kota D.I Yogyakarta

Game Development

2D and 3D casual games, strategic games, multi- player games, education- al games, VR games with IOS, Android and Desktop

Paramedic Rush

Grand Winner of The 2014 IWIC Indosat in Games Category is a game with platformer side scrolling gameplay about Humanitarian scene that happening in Gaza Palestine. Hopefully, through this game, people can be more concerned with humanity issues that is happening around us.


Election Game (Game Pemilu)

Game Pemilu 2014 is an Android mobile game about The 2014 Presi- dential Election. Through this game, the campaign is no longer just abuzz in open space. Now the campaign has entered into personal space via smartphone.

The campaign also no longer just in the forms of one directional speech but also could with the action of the supporters. This game was developed by three studio games that joined under GITS Games Alliance


Schoolnesia a mobile learning platform that uses gami- fication concepts to students (K12), with this platform, students can learn anytime and anywhere in a much more enjoyable way. Carrying the concept of class, ranging from elementary, junior high, high school and vocational school, make learning activities through mobile platforms just like a formal learning atmosphere, we hope people who do not have access to formal education in schools can use Schoolnesia to access education for free.

Go Go Box

A Mobile 3D game that brings a combination of Adventure and Racing. Story and World of this game is from a Logistics Courier point of view, the excitement of doing the activities is supported by Virtual Reality technology, so the player can feel a real experience while driving the vehicle in the game.


GITS provides education and information technology train- ing: Cisco, Mikrotik, Microsoft IT Academy, Games Devel- opment, 2D and 3D design, Animation, Comics, Motion Graphic, android program- ming, web programming, SEO internet marketing, social media marketing, provided in regular training, in-house training, private training.


Company Profile Making, Motion Graphic, Anima- tion, 2D and 3D, Video Clips, Photo and Video VR 360