49Through the different feel of the withdrawal in the middle of a oase dryness routines of life.  Radio 92.3 FM MQ JOGJA present listener accompany activities that require ruhiah touch to fill the niche that miss the heart of peace, calmness and clarity, through the course and format of music radio broadcast MQ 92.3 FM JOGJA, in the form of enlightenment and the full benefits of the coolness, wisdom, and values of a noble character.

Through the positioning of radio Muslim families, communities and the existence of MQ Family (Tahajud Call comunity and MQ), the excellent program (MQ morning, Thursday MQ, MQ Sunday, morning message, Rumahku Surgaku, Senandung MQ, Double Talk Show OASE, Q On Air , The Family, Youth Curhat, Weekends Dikota Gudeg, etc.), and superior technology support and human resources quality, With God’s permission to make the Radio Jogja MQFM as one of the forefront of electronic media and media partners in the development of  Syari’ah values.