RBTV is one of the original television station of Jogja and also is also a regional television in Indonesia. RBTB has the original name of Reksa Birama Televisi because it is under the auspices of PT Reksa Birama Media. This television station was established in cooperation STMIK “AMIKOM” Yogyakarta with Radio RB Group Jogja.


RBTV located in channel 40 UHF this is the first commercial TV commercials in Jogja having office at Graha Universities Amikom Yogyakarta, Unit I Building , Level 3,Jl. Ringroad Utara Condongcatur, Sleman Yogyakarta Broadcast coverage from RBTV itself covers several areas namely Yogyakarta, Sleman, Bantul, Muntilan, Kulon Progo, Muntilan, Klaten, Magelang, Purworejo and Boyolali.


RBTV continues to make improvements and has an increasingly modern system so that this tv station presents broadcast tv which is also tailored to the needs of the community as a city Jogja students, culture and tourist destinations.

As the original television station Jogja, RBTV must always put forward the original values ​​of Jogja community, the culture that exist in Jogja and also news about Jogja city that happened.


Making RBTV as the leading TV in Jogjakarta by promoting professionalism, creativity, dignity and cultural values ​​of Jogjakarta.



Provide TV broadcasts in addition to entertaining but at the same time educating the public.

Address: Graha Universities Amikom Yogyakarta, Building Unit I, Level 3,Jl. Ringroad  Utara Condongcatur, Sleman Yogyakarta
Tel. : + 62-274-557788
Fax. : + 62-274-586086


RBTV is in charge of TV broadcasting which has such excellent pro- grams as the Secrets of Business, Quiz Plat AB, Cross Border Space & Time, and ‘Apa Kabar Jogja’. Students can learn to manage the TV sta- tion as program planning, production and post-production events, and broadcasting.

Website: http://www.rbtvjogja.com