47Time Excelindo is AMIKOM’s business unit that specializes in Internet Service Provider. We have been dealing with the computer network and Internet of the Regional Governments of Sragen, Kebumen, and Kudus. Here, students can learn to manage ISP, web hosting, web design, net- work engineering, on-line systems, data communication, dedicated servers, collocation servers, software development.


1.1. Executive Summary

The need for fast information access and update is one of the demands of an institution and society at this time. Internet is one of the alternative media that can be used to find the information you need without any time limit or place. In addition, the Internet media also allows users to correspond with the quick and easy to use e-mail. So many things can be done with the Internet media, starting from just browsing to find information, chat, up to the business (commerce). Because the various functions are offered, the Internet today has become one of the need for the company.

At the time when your business develops, more and more challenges are encountered. Similarly, the challenges of internal and external communications as well as challenges in meeting those needs in the most efficient, effective and believable.

Whatever your business, this challenges you face in meeting the telecommunications needs of your company. PT. TIME EXCELINDO (TE) understand that every company has unique needs, but has the same desire to meet this need.

That is why we use a consultative approach to better understand the exact needs of your business, and how to create a solution for you. In line with the growth of your business then our solution is also growing along with the emergence of your  new needs. When your needs are meet all, we are even going to start again trying to meet the wishes of your next business. Welcome to TE, the right business partners to grow together.

1.2. Company Profile
is a company engaged in the business Internet Service Provider (ISP), Online System, Telecommunication, Data Communication, Software Development, as well as construction and maintenance of computer networks (LAN and MAN) and telecommunication networks. We have been trusted to supply the needs of IT and the Internet in various educational institutions and companies (corporate) in Yogyakarta and surrounding areas, DKI Jakarta, Central Java, East Java, South Kalimantan.

Being a solution provider of information technology (IT) and communications selected for all business sectors in Indonesia, both for individual customers, business / corporate, educational institutions and government agencies. 

Providing the best for the customer, both in terms of products, services, technology, and commercial value efficiently.
We committed to provide the best service to our customers, by offering quality products, reliable infrastructure, efficient technology, and knowledge sharing.
We strive to maintain integrity in every decision making process. We value ourselves, because only with our own self-esteem, then we will be able to truly appreciate our customers, partners, suppliers and competitors.
Concern about the quality of human resources (HR), products, services and our infrastructure, are the guarantees that we will always be one step ahead of our competitors.Listen 


Legality of the Company: 

  • Operating License for Internet Access Services (Internet Service Provider) Number: 298/Dirjen/2005
  • License of Operation principle Internet Access Services (ISP) Number: 1682/PT.003/Tel/DJPT-2004
  • Eligible Certificate of Operation (Ulo) Number: 2087/PT.003/DITTEL/SRT/2004
  • Membership APJII Number: 166/APJII/K-2006
  • Deed of Establishment Number. 07 dated July 10, 2003, Notary Muhammad Kamaludin Purnomo, SH which is located at Kaliurang Street Km 8 No. 58 Ngaglik, Sleman, 55581, Phone. (0274) 888428, Fax. (0274) 889592
  • Deed of Amendment of Articles of Association No. 01 dated December 4, 2009, Notary Muhammad Kamaludin Purnomo, SH which is located at Kaliurang Street Km 8 No. 58 Ngaglik, Sleman, 55581, Phone. (0274) 888428, Fax. (0274) 889592
  • Trading License (SIUP) Large, Number: 503/1274/245/PB/XII/2009
  • Limited Liability Company Registration Number: 120216400603, Registration Agenda  Number: 193/BH.RUB.12.02/I/2010
  • Endorsement of Deed of Establishment of Limited Liability Company, the Minister of Justice and Human Rights RI No. C-19 477 HT.01.01.TH.2003
  • Decree of the Minister of Justice and Human Rights Republic of Indonesia Number: AHU-20986.AH.01.02. Year 2009 on Approval of Amendment to Articles of Incorporation.
  • TIN PT. Time Excelindo: 02.205.740.0-542.000



Data Communication

 2.1. Network Integrated

 With this type service, customer / institution / company able to build a Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) and be able to perform effective and efficient communication.  In Network Integrated is very possible to run integrated applications that require large bandwidth integrated as Data Transfer, Voice, VoIP / PABX Integrated, VPN, CCTV Online, Digital Information / Advertising Integrated and videoconferences simultaneously at the same time and in different places.

While other benefits are obtained in addition able to integrate (concatenate) various locations / institutions into a “local link / network”, Network Integrated is also able to make the communication costs interlocations / institutions of different places to zero (zero cost).

Now the transmission device as a media for integrating the various services can be a Fiber Optic, Wireless Microwave and Radio device.

As a reference, for Microwave Network Integrated services currently is implemented in order to support the program INHERENT (Indonesian Higher Education Network) K-2/K-3 YEAR 2006 from the Directorate General of Higher Education (DIKTI) in the Province of DIY.

The college which is currently incorporated in this service are:

  • Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta, as the center INHERENT in the Province of DIY.
  • Institute of Science & Technology AKPRIND Yogyakarta.
  • Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) Yogyakarta.
  • STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta.
  • STPP Yogyakarta.
  • Academy of Maritim Ganesha (AMG) Yogyakarta.
  • STIKES MUHAMMADIYAH Gombong – Kebumen.
  • University of Pembangunan Nasional (UPN) “Veteran” Yogyakarta.

2.2. Installation of Fiber Optic

 Fiber Optic is a telecommunications network infrastructure and the most reliable data with the most stable performance and has a useful life in a very long period of time. Fiber Optic is also a Media Transmission with a strong quality of physical structure and large capacity (transmission band) up to gigabit even reach terrabit unit.

Fiber Optic also have a very robust packaging characteristics (Outdoor Type) and relatively profitable when used for outdoor transmission media (Outdoor) because it is not susceptible to interference and lightning strikes.

TIME EXCELINDO in this case already has a lot of experience in the installation of fiber optic cables in various government institutions, educational institutions and private companies that almost all of their utilization are used to create applications Integrated Network. 


2.3. Solutions of Information Systems Development

 Software development, a combination of software and hardware solution that is a service that we provide. With support from the civitas of academic STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta we have been trusted to build several information systems that successful applied to the various institutions. Even at several national and international events information system solution products and development of ICT that we build get award.


The achievements that we have received during the year:

  • Development of Integrated Information Systems STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta, has been used for 7 years.
  • Development of School Information Systems (SINFOSIS) with features Web, SMS, Mobile Java Application, schools Application fat client in cooperation with PT. Indosat Regional Central Java, East Java and SUMBAGUT


  • INTERNATIONAL AWARD – The Best e-Practice ADOC Award Taiwan 2005
    for software: Software for Digital Signature Using Elliptic Curve Cryptography.
  • National Award – Merit Award from APICTA Indonesia 2006, Education And Training category for software: higher education management information system integrated (Integrated University Management Systems). In the same year represented Indonesia in APICTA international MACAU as nominees in the same category.
  • Indonesia ICT Award nominees in 2007 for the software :
    • Canvasser Reporting
    • Student Information System (SINFOSIS)
    • Mobile Exam
  • Nominees in the Indonesian ICT Award 2008 for the Software :
    • Aircraft Tracking tools
    • 3D Aircraft Visualization.
    • Unified Modelling Studio


2.4. Training of PT. Time Excelling

Besides as a provider of internet services, PT. Time Excelindo also competent to hold training for instance or companies. Training can be held by PT. Time Excelindo covering various aspects of Information Technology needs in terms of supporting the implementation of e-Government. The training includes:

  • Socialization and education e-government in accordance with Presidential Instruction No. 3 Year 2003 regarding National Policies and Strategies of Development of E-Government
  • Utilization of Information Technology in the development of e-Government of Local Government
  • Training the use of computers and information technology for local government officials began :
    1. Introduction to Computer Systems
    2. Application usage / computer software to support their daily activities, whether for administrative, coordination and communication.
    3. Introduction Computing Network system in the implementation of eGovernment that will link the connection between the Department / Agency and Government Institutions for the operational implementation.
    4. Utilization of Internet technologies to support the activities of government
    5. Making the front office applications for Web Design of eGovernment and Web Programming of eGovernment.
      • Training Web Design of eGovernment in the form of Introduction to HTML, Design with Adobe Photoshop, Authoring with Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Swish, Swift 3D, FTP until manufacture their own website.
      • While training of eGovernment Web Programming in the form of PHP Basics training, data types, variables and operations, control structures, functions, Arrays, File Access, and Web Implementation of eGovernment.
    6. Introduction of various types of government applications, such as SIMTAP (One-Stop Management Information System) and GIS -based application (Geographical Information Systems ) and the Web.
    7. Training applications or other information technology are more specialized and specific, in accordance with requests from local governments.

For basic training that every employee must be owned by their respective local government agencies of information technology training in supporting of the use and manufacture of front office and back office of local governments among as follows:



3.1. Government Agencies and Private

  • Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Communications of Republic Indonesia: Equipment Procurement Coordination System Data and Information Crisis Center (SISKOCC) to Soekarno-Hatta Airport (April 2010 up to now).
  • Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Communications of Republic Indonesia: JOB PROCUREMENT OF LABORATORY EQUIPMENT COMMITTEE ON NATIONAL TRANSPORTATION SAFETY OF FISCAL YEAR 2010 FORM OF WEB APPLICATION  DEVELOPMENT AND SYSTEM NTSC The fiscal year 2010 (on the progress of April-May 2010)
  • Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Transportation of the Republic Indonesia: Procurement, Construction and Installation of CCTV Fiber Optics Surveillance System 38 Points in the Area Cargo / Warehousing Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Office Administrator International Airport Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta Fiscal Year 2009 (November 2009).
  • Development of WAN (Wide Area Network) in Government of Sragen Regency covers 15 districts that integrate by using wireless devices free licenses ISM 2.4 GHz as supporting the implementation of SIMPTAP – One-Stop Government Information Systems (January 2006 – April 2006).
  • Development of WAN (Wide Area Network) in Government of KEBUMEN regency covers 20 districts that integrate by using wireless devices free licenses ISM 2.4 GHz as supporting the implementation of SIMPTAP – Government One-Stop Information System (November 2007 – January 2008).
  • Development of high-speed data networks between buildings includes 13 buildings with fiber optic cable media mutlimode 72 cores for the needs of multimedia applications in PPPG Yogyakarta Arts. (December 2005 – February 2006).
  • Development of data backbone in Yogyakarta and Central Java covers the following areas, Sleman, Yogyakarta Municipality, Bantul, Klaten, Solo, Purworejo, Boyolali, Sragen, Salatiga, Magelang, Semarang. The technology used is the band microwave frequency 15 GHz, 7 GHz with a capacity over 8 E1. Backbone is used a variety of applications and used by several local government for implementation SIMPEKAB and the Internet.


3.2. College

  • Development of School Information Systems (SINFOSIS) with features of the Web, SMS, Mobile Java Application, Application fat client schools in cooperation with PT.Indosat Regional Central Java, east Java dan SUMBAGUT (http://indosatschool.com/).
  • Development of Integrated Information Systems STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta, has been used until now (www.amikom.ac.id).
  • Development Library Information Systems in STMIK AMIKOM. (Http://diglib.amikom.ac.id/)
  • Development of Web Site News and Information (http://kabarit.com/)
  • Inventory System Development of STMIK AMIKOM YOGYAKARTA
  • Video Conference (open dialogue) between STMIK AMIKOM, Students of East Kalimantan in Yogyakarta with the Government of East Kalimantan, on March 9, 2006 to discuss ideas and suggestions on the development of information technology in the region of East Kalimantan (February 2006).
  • Development of LAN in the Science Faculty UGM for interconnection between the building with OS Novell Netware as a Multiple accses network and fulfillment network lab and application in the lab. Computers (2002). 
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    Phone : 0274 – 4477821, 4477822, Fax.  : 0274 – 4477823, Email : info@te.net.id
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