On Monday, 21 November 2020 at the Cinema Room at Amikom University Yogyakarta, President of the Silicon Valley Innovation Center, Andrey Kunov gave a masterclass on tips for becoming an entrepreneur in technology. In addition, he also signed an MoU between the Silicon Valley Innovation Center and Amikom University Yogyakarta. The @amikomjogja

USMAN-AMIKOM Team Wins 1st Place in the 2020 IOT Makers Creation Competition

USMAN (UVC Safe Mosque Floor Sterilizer) by students of AMIKOM University Yogyakarta, won 1st place in the IOT Makers Creation 2020 competition held by the Ministry of Communication and Information, the Indonesian IoT Association and the telecommunications ecosystem in Indonesia. USMAN (UVC Safe Mosque Floor Sterilizer) itself is an innovation developed by 4 Yogyakarta Amikom University Students, namely: Elik Hari Muktafin (MTI Student), Qolbun Salim As Shidiqi (MTI Student), Bimo Ari Wibowo (IT S1 student), Muhammad Ainur Rozikin (S1 IT Alumni).This innovation is a solution so that the condition of the mosque floor remains clean without having to vacate the mosque to spray disinfectants. This tool can work safely all day long and is needed to maintain the condition of the floor because people pray there is a prostration movement.

AMCC Team Wins Gold Medal

Singapore, 17 November 2019, more than 100 teams from 10 countries gathered at the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore to take part in the 2019 AIGC (Advanced Innovation Global Competition) Final organized by the collaboration of AI-JAM and INNOPA (Indonesian Invention and Innovation Promotion Association). This time AIGC 2019 is the first AIGC event. Due to the high enthusiasm of the participants who wanted to take part in this competition, in the opening of AIGC 2019 the president of AI-JAM, Ryan Koo stated that this event would be an annual event which will be held again in 2020. AIGC 2019 has several competition categories, and one of them is is the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) category, namely, a branch that was attended by a team from representatives of Yogyakarta Amikom University who became the representative of the Indonesian state The AMCC team (Amikom Computer Club) as representatives of the Yogyakarta Amikom University for the ICT category won a gold medal after defeating more than 80 other teams from 10 AIGC participating countries, including Japan, Ukraine, China, Egypt, Thailand, and others. In the final round, the AMCC team consisting of Syekh Arpi Ageng (Product Manager), Sandy Priyatna (Programmer), Ali Rahmat Ismail (Programmer) and Riana Anggita Saputri (Designer) presented an application product that is useful for providing waste transportation services called “Matrash “. The product, which is still in the development stage, has gone through the research and market validation stages as well as the assistance provided by the Campus (Amikom Yogyakarta University) intensively for 4 months. Currently the Matrash application already has HaKI (Intellectual Property Rights) which are registered at the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights, which is also one of the programs fully supported by Amikom Yogyakarta University to help students obtain HaKI for free. In accordance with its slogan “Creative Economy Park”, Yogyakarta Amikom University strongly supports its students so that they can give birth to more new innovations to contribute to creative industry players in Yogyakarta and even Indonesia, especially in the technology industry sector as a form of optimism in welcoming the era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science, Krisnawati said, the very proud achievements of students in the Faculty of Computer Science environment. This achievement is certainly the result of the team’s hard work, which needs to be improved from year to year, in line with adjusting the curriculum of each study program to keep up with the latest developments in the field of ICT-based entrepreneurship and creative economy. Congratulations and success to the AMCC team, hopefully it will inspire all students of the Yogyakarta Amikom University in particular and Indonesian students in general to be able to achieve international achievements.


Korean students at MSV Studio

Eom Seoyun and Won Serim looked seriously listening to the explanation from Danan Mckagan, the mentor who was very patient in explaining various things related to design. The two girls are students of the Seoul Institute of the Arts (SIA) who are currently undergoing courses at MSV Studio. They learn more in various technical matters according to the education they get in Korea. Eom Seoyun, a student with long hair, is from Seoul. He majored in Advertising at SIA.During a course at MSV, this 25 year old girl made a small project, making cards. There are 3 cards about the Battle of Surabaya movie and 2 other cards. Eom said that in Korea, there is a unique custom to share cards with certain information to convey. Cards are designed with the concept and content you want. According to him, cards can be an advertising technique, including disseminating information about the film Battle of Surabaya.