Student organizations including communities, namely:
1. Portrait
It is a portrait of a photography club / community at University of  AMIKOM Yogyakarta. Here is a place for fans of photography for students, faculty and staff University of AMIKOM Yogyakarta to share and exchange ideas about the world photography. We did not look at in terms of the tools used, but we looked at in terms of how to conduct joint creativity and sharing.

2. Tamam
Community Arabic AMIKOM named Tamam which stands thullabu al’arobiyyah lugho ar jami’atu AMIKOM was approximately a collection of Arabic language lovers college student
This community was formed in order to fully support AMIKOM goes International and also to support AMIKOM to the University, including the activities carried on with my study of Arabic, muhadatsah (Conversa on), Ilqo Mutarodifat (Learning Vocabulary), and pela pela-han han else about Arabic.

3. Shoutul Muhibbin
Obligations as a student, making a routine which contributes indirectly to the bright future. Science is one of the weapons are endless as long as we can use it as well – good, either for himself or others. Useful knowledge can also cure dark world into a bright and at the same time as a companion in life who can advise, saved and glorified. Above all, what makes the background of soutul Muhibbin community is our desire to be able to turn the Ahlussunah wal Jama’ah on campus University of AMIKOM Yogyakarta.

CAPOEIRA is a martial arts that originated dri berazil. CAPOEIRA movement is a blend of martial arts and dance. AMIKOM CAPOEIRA community began to be formed in October 2012 which originally consisted of 10 students. CAPOEIRA carry out an exercise routine every Monday and Friday at 6:00 p.m. to 21:00.

Niswarama ka Choir is a choir Amikom. Niswaramatika Choir opened registration for new members a year 2 times. Hopefully, students who have the talent in the world of singing could channel his singing talent in the choir. Anyone can participate, with active student records Amikom.

Science Olympiad is a community of Amikom amikom Olympics in science. This community was founded in January 2012. Science Olympiad of Amikom has, following the National Olympiad of Mathematics College (ONMIPA-PT) by 2 times and PERTAMINA National Science Olympiad (OSN Pertamina) one time. Science Olympiad of Amikom provide opportunities for all students amikom who are interested to join this community.

AGD is a Amikom Community to make a game, stand on January 20, 2012. Regarding the development of the game in the world is rapidly increasing, not least in Indonesia, the game now has become an alternative entertainment for old and young, men and women. All it proved with the work that has been made AGD game is Snakes and Ladders, Rock Pinang, Ghatotkacha, Monkey’s Rocket, etc. So, please join us in AGD.

ASBC is Amikom Badminton Community. Exercise routinely held every Saturday and Sunday. In a healthy body, there is a strong soul, let’s work out Sehatkan Amikom, Sehatkan younger generation, Sehatkan Indonesia. ASBC has repeatedly won the championship both the incidence of local and national.

To grow and develop science Science and Technology as well as improve the quality of higher education in Indonesia, especially in University of AMIKOM Yogyakarta, necessary in facilitating activities that can support the growth and development creavity and innovation professors and their students, in terms of both theory and application, AMIKOM Robotic prepared for following the Indonesian Robot contest held annually by the Higher Education and other contests. Indonesian Robot Contest (KRI) is a discourse that is very attractive to students to implement the ideas and their ideas into a functional robot by utilizing their multi-disciplinary knowledge. These robots must be designed and made their own, using sensors, actuators and electronic circuit and a microcomputer that there is and must be programmed in accordance with the contest theme. Besides the good cooperation between the members of the participants and the idea that the best strategy would also be a contributing factor in the success of a team of robot contest, so it will be able to create an atmosphere conducive competition among students, faculty and universities participating in the contest.

GANA is a community in the field of Antiviral Drugs in Amikom. As a campus play an active role in the participation and collaboration in support of policies, programs and activities undertaken in preventing abuse and combating illicit drug trafficking, psikotoprika, precursor and addictive substances lainnya.GANA will continue to maintain this achievement by holding socialization, campaign and more sympathetic action. Even to obtain accurate data GANA has planned to conduct research on drugs in amikom environment.Hindu Students Community (KMHD)

JAMAWI merupakan komunitas wirausaha yang ada di University of Amikom dibawah Entrepreneur Campus (EC).Dalam upaya pengembangan bidang kewirausahaan, Mahasiswa diharapkan bisa menjadi Pengusaha Sebelum Di Wisuda. Kadin & Pemerintah menargetkan 4000 wirausaha per tahunnya, dan model pengembangan seper ini bisa dimulai dari kampus Maka dari itu Amikom sudah membentuk JAMAWI tersebut.

KADOL a amikom blogger community. Communities at the beginning of the establishment is a sharing community and share experience in the web is now becoming a community that should be admired at University of AMIKOM by producing students with a substantial income earners and arguably on par with employers. Reporting from Pembina kadol, Mr. dony ariyus, the Community is expected in the future to be one of the student community amikom can mecakupr students amikom, such as students who have to take a course of e-commerce at University of AMIKOM can apply the knowledge of the course and can earn money from the internet one of the advertising.

AMIKOM Blog Community (ABC)