Student Senate hereinafter called SEMA is the highest student organization within the structure of the Student Organization at University of AMIKOM Yogyakarta which acts as a legislative body that would coordinate BEM, HMJ and SMEs. Student Senate consists of Senators class of more than 2 active students from each class. Student Senate works to accommodate the aspirations of students at University of AMIKOM Yogyakarta. Student Senate serves as a controller of BEM, HMJ and SMEs. Student Senate gives instructions to the BEM. The main function of the SEMA itself is Controlling, Legal, and budgeting. What is meant by Controlling is SEMA functions to control all activities implemented by student organizations are in STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta. While legality, SEMA act as a legislative body that legalized all activities of student organizations to be held by the organization before being approved by the Vice Rector III at University of AMIKOM Yogyakarta. The latter is budgeting, SEMA has the function to manage finances of any student organizationat University of AMIKOM Yogyakarta.

2. BEM
Student Executive Board STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta Yogyakarta abbreviated as BEM STMIK AMIKOM is implementing the mandate Mubes student organization that has the power eksekti f ter nggi at University of Student Organization and domiciled under the SEMA and has coordinated with the Student Association and SMEs. BEM at University of AMIKOM Yogyakarta supervise and guide Semi Autonomous Body (BSO) in line instruction to be built as the official SME Student Organizationat University of AMIKOM in Yogyakarta. EXECUTIVE BOARD STUDENTS at University of AMIKOM Yogyakarta hereinafter called BEM is a milestone in the execution solutional student aspirations for development at University ofAMIKOM Yogyakarta and Indonesia. Born on congress to V in 1999 with fluctuations in the management and organization in the past but, now it is experiencing transormasi this is proved by some movement BEM at University of AMIKOM Yogyakarta among Conducting Study of Issues Campus and the National Conducting School Student Character called Fighter School, National seminar, the village has Patronage IT, actively engaged in alliance BEM throughout Indonesia and others. One thing that the vision of this year bem Making the Professional BEM with morality, intellect, and a good mentality. As well as contribute in Progress Campus.
Student Executive Board (BEM)
Student Association of Informatics Engineering (HMJTI)
Student Association of Information Management and Information System (HIMMSI)