By M. Suyanto

A powerful strategy to step the ladder in a business is a positive mental attitude. There are several strategies to keep a person a positive mental attitude. One of the strategies is turning a bowl upside down, which means seeing something negative from the positive side. For example, you go to college or to work by motorcycle, and suddenly you have a flat tire because the tire hits the nail so that you cannot continue going there or you can do so but you’ll get there too late, and then if you use such a strategy, you can still say “Fortunately, the tire of my bike hit the nail, or else I may be hit by a bus, or even there will be something worse that will happen to me”. With this strategy, you will be trained over time and will stay awake in a positive mental attitude.

Then, my assistant and I also once tried to make the best of everything when we planned to develop the building of our college, STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta Indonesia. At first, we intended to expand our land with an area of about 4000 square meters by purchasing the land with an area of about 1000 square meters, located next to our campus. When we were negotiating the purchasing of the land, the landowner stated that she would sign an agreement on price and payment. However, she denied doing so by stalling and raising prices, so my assistant got irritable and said “If he were a man, I would slap him” he said. I tried to assuage his anger, and then I said with a cheer “I got upset, too, but let’s try to find the ground again, and God may provide something better for our educational institution”. A week later, my assistant told me that there was other land with an area of 6000 square meters, located next to our campus, and the land was offered at the price of Rp 275,000 per square meter. “Well, God may show us what is the best for us” I said.

Furthermore, my colleague and I also once took a lesson from the happening in which he was told by the landlady to remove all the items in the room that he was renting because he could not afford to pay for the rent which was only Rp 25,000 per month for a room with the length of 8 meters and with the width of 4 meters. Then, my colleagues told me that he was told to move by the owner of the house and were only given a week’s time. “God willing, there are lessons” I replied with a consolation. Actually it was the only sentence I could say in that I had no other sentences. Apparently it was an early milestone of Primagama, our other educational institution. We were whipped to run faster to achieve success. My colleague and I finally decided to take advantage of a week’s time to give out brochures to all high schools in our city for the marketing of our educational institutions. The result was that we got Rp 50,000 and found a new house which was better than the old one. Taking a lesson from every negative event is a strategy of turning a bowl upside down, which constitutes one way to keep a positive mental attitude.

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