By M. Suyanto

A community relation is the organized community of the same life experiences; for example, the Cancer Forum, which constitutes a forum to exchange information and opinions about the cancer disease that can be found at ( In addition, the Cancer Forum also sells and rents out domain names related to health, namely: arthritis, asthma, birth control, cancer, dentistry, diet , disease, drug, eyes, fitness, foot care, forum, genetics, hair care, heart, hospital, media, medical care, medicine, pediatrics, pet / animal, physician, resource, skin care, specialty, vaccine and virus. Unlike the Cancer Forum, Parent Soup is a forum on sports information for old people, and they can visit SeniorNet, and Women’s Wire and iVillage, the well-known on-line community for women. Furthermore, the community relation of African-American descent can be found at; the Latin community relation at; the Asian-American community relation at; and the community relation of disabled people at

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