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AMIKOM CINema consists of 250 seats, high brightness, picture quality and reliability – in a compact body, nnovative dual-lamp system, with its new lamp, helps to make this body compact while providing a full 12,000lm of brightness, with 220-240V AC operation and the magic in cinema sound with  reputation for unmatched quality, performance, and reliability as the only major manufacturer of complete cinema solutions with processing, amplification, and loudspeakers integrated into a seamless whole, QSC is the complete solution for all your cinema sound needs.. The projector’s Dynamic Iris feature uses a scene-linking aperture mechanism to achieve a remarkable 10,000:1 contrast without lowering its high brightness. This helps to reproduce deeper, richer blacks, and provides images with more detailed textures.

Entrepreneur Campus is to educate students to become ENTREPRENEURS with the concept of SMART in ENTREPRENEUR, that is to say, a positive mental attitude, creating and trying to realize a dream, taking a step to start a business, the secret of starting a business without any stood capital, accepting failure as a lesson, and God willing.. Education at Entrepreneur Campus is supported by business consultancy at our website In addition, M Suyanto has also written a number of books in Entrepreneurship, namely: The Success Secret of Taiwan’s SME in Creative Industries (2015), Muhammad Business Strategy and Ethics (2008), 15 Secrets to Change Failure To Be Success (2006), 15 Secrets To Start Business without any Capital of Money (2005), Being Smart in Entrepreneurship (2004),

GIT Solution is a company that provides services in the field of plan- ning, construction and development of information system nationally and internationally. PT GIT Solution ready to compete in providing services and optimal result to meet customer satisfaction by implementing creative and innovative technology. GIT Solution as a company owned by University of AMIKOM YOGYAKARTA established since 2003 which was still at the stage of early develop- ment at that time. Later on at 2009 GITS was built a website engine that able to use in mass for web pro le and Small Medium Enterprises, E- Commerce, E-School, E-Campus and E-Tourism at an a ordable prices. In 2011, GITS’s products begin to grow by launching some products for Small Medium Enterprises. In the year of 2013 GITS begin to open services based on interactive game development.

Informatics Industry Incubator Center or Amikom Business Park (ABP) is one of the incubator start-up IT companies (Startup) in Yogyakarta. ABP is located in unit V University of AMIKOM Yogyakarta.

“ABP” opens new tenant registration once a year. Of the large number of applicants entering Incubator ABP will only take 3-4 Tenants to be incubated for 1 year and get all Incubator facilities. The purpose of establishment Amikom Business Park Incubator is to increase the number of entrepreneurial students in the field of IT in Indonesia in general and at University of AMIKOM Yogyakarta in particular.
This is a form of synergy from VISION of University of AMIKOM Yogyakarta to “become a world-class high school that excels in the field of information and communication technology based entrepreneurship (private entrepreneur university).”

AMIKOM Innovation Center is a production and service unit of STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta software product. Initially IC is still a part with LITBANG AMIKOM, has the main objective to develop and conduct research on campus field of ICT. The main objective is to manage campus ICT and develop IT products for campus. But over time, there is demand from outside AMIKOM to be made software, so that IC began to develop business outside AMIKOM. At the end of 2003, under the Chairperson’s Decree, a 5-member success team was set up to start and develop an IT-based Information Management System (MIS). The Director of IC at that time was still the head of LITBANG STMIK AMIKOM, after successfully building a SIM in AMIKOM, then issued a Chairman who established a new department named IT Department, and in August 2008 changed its name to Innovation Center (IC). The change of the IT department becomes IC with the aim to emphasize more on Innovation aspect. With this name change is expected to be more innovations generated by the department. The IC is led by a director, two deputy directors and four managers: Hardware & Network, Software Development and Maintenance, Content Design and EPSBED, and Business and Innovation.

University of AMIKOM Yogyakarta is a highly regarded college role in the development of the concept of ICT (Information & Communication Technology) in Yogyakarta. To support it, University of AMIKOM Yogyakarta has a number of business units related to multimedia, namely production house, advertising, portal, television, and radio. In 2001, University of AMIKOM Yogyakarta purchased ownership and broadcasting license, PT. RADIO SWARA SEMBADA. The latest AMIKOM Enterprises (BUMA) at that time, engaged in private radio broadcasting with Trial No Evaluation Permit no. 436 / TU / PT.208 / DITBINFREK January 30, 2001 at the frequency of 87.6 MHz, and was promulgated by the issuance of Radio Station License (ISR) on November 19, 2001, from the Directorate of Radio Frequency Spectrum and Satellite Orbit – Directorate General of Post and Telecommunication – Ministry of Communications and Informatics. Initially, held a radio broadcast with the name in the air Radio SWA – Radio Business Jogger

PT Mataram Surya Visi Sinema (MSV Pictures) is one of AMIKOM’s business units that specialize in animation, multimedia and broadcast. MSV Pictures’s Vision is  “We bring home hope and happiness” MSV Pictures’s Mission  :

To inspire people for a better life
To draw the world through Animated Film
To create value through culture-based creativity

Here, students can learn to manage the multimedia business like a cartoon- lm produc- tion, company pro le, media planner, TV Commercial, and TV Programs, etc. Some professional works that MSV have ever produced are BAP- PENAS Company Pro le, the Video Pro le of FH UGM, the Video Pro le of Ever Oxi (Konimex), and Cartoon Films, of which the title are: Jatayu, ABDAN, Thunder Valley, ACIL (Anak Cinta Lingkungan), the cartoon lm of BTKP Education of DIY, Moses & Khidr, Goodbye World. RBTV is one of the original television station of Jogja and also is also a regional television in Indonesia. RBTB has the original name of Reksa Birama Televisi because it is under the auspices of PT Reksa Birama Media. This television station was established in cooperation STMIK “AMIKOM” Yogyakarta with Radio RB Group Jogja.
RBTV located in channel 40 UHF this is the first commercial TV commercials in Jogja having office at Graha Universities Amikom Yogyakarta, Unit I Building , Level 3,Jl. Ringroad Utara Condongcatur, Sleman Yogyakarta Broadcast coverage from RBTV itself covers several areas namely Yogyakarta, Sleman, Bantul, Muntilan, Kulon Progo, Muntilan, Klaten, Magelang, Purworejo and Boyolali.

The use of information technology become a necessity that is not negotiable because of the availability of information systems and integrated infrastructures increasingly important to establish an organization or corporate that is efficient and competitive. Time Excelindo was founded in 2003 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It is a private corporate which is a professional business entity born from University of AMIKOM Yogyakarta. Time Excelindo is a corporate that provides and serves total solutions which our primary focus are on internet service provider (ISP), software development, consulting and auditing, training, infrastructure solutions and network services. As time goes on, Time Excelindo understands the importance of customer satisfaction in accordance with quality assurance, that’s why Time Excelindo should to share the awards, such as in 2011 Time Excelindo got the ISO 9001:2008 Cert No FS569888 from The British Standards Institution (BSI). It is proudly that Time Excelindo won several competitions both nationally and internationally, such as APICTA, ICT for national awards, and international Award in Taiwan, Macau and Bangkok. Time Excelindo clients have achieved throughout Indonesia with a variety of sectors such as education, health, SMEs, mining, banking, and other government and private agencies. Welcome to your Time Excelindo, your right business partner to grow together.





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