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Kusrini1, Sri Hartati2, Agus Harjoko3, Retantyo Wardoyo4

1,2,3,4Computer Science Program, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia

1STMIK AMIKOM, Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Abstractβ€” Medical treatments for elderly patient, known as geriatric, often face problem as the number of old citizens is much larger than the number of geriatric consultants. Furthermore, the geriatric consultants usually reside and provide medical consulting services in big cities. Consequently, geriatric patients from rural areas can not be treated properly. This may in turn cause geriatric patient to suffer from polypharmacy. This kind of problem can be solved by utilizing telemedicine technology. In this paper a teleassessment system for handling geriatric patients is proposed. In this system each geriatric patient is assigned a consultant who is the team leader of a group of persons responsible for caring the geriatric patient, called a geriatric team. The geriatric team normally consists of geriatric consultant, internist, physio, neurolog, dentist, psychic, nutritionist, social worker, and pharmacist. Facilities are provided for each member of the geriatric team. The proposed teleassessment system also has a facility to carry out differential diagnosis analysis, which is based on a case based reasoning technique.

Index Termsβ€” case based reasoning, geriatric, teleassesment, telemedicine. Continue reading

M.Suyanto, STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta

The study evaluates interbank performance of Bank Muamalat Indonesia in profitability, liquidity, risk and solvency, and community involvement for the period 2000 – 2004. Financial ratios are applied in measuring these performances. F-test is used in determining their significance. β€œThe study found that BMI relatively has more profit and commitment to community development but has less liquid compared to the conventional banks. BMI does not show (statistically) any difference in risk performance with the conventional banks”.

Keyword : Performance, BMI, Conventinal Banks Continue reading