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Q-Faraid, Patrimony Software

Patrimony is a crusial thing in a family. So, Islam has Faraid to rule the things related to patrimony.

In Indonesia, which mostly consists of Islamic people, patrimony rules based on Faraid must be implemented in the life of Indonesian moslems, and Faraid has been taught to the students of certain Islamic schools

Unfortunately, it seems that Faraid, which is considered as a educational subject or knowledge, is hard to be understood easily. To overcome the difficulty, Arif Arizal, one of the students of STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta, wants to make a solution about the implementation of Faraid, and he has managed to make software for educational purpose about Faraid named Q-faraid.

When using Q-faraid, users can calculate easily according to the existing Faraid rules in Islam. By the process, users can also learn the rules because everyting is well explained by the software. The system provides explanation about Faraid and dalil taken from 5 mahdzabs. Q-faraid is also completed by precision calculation, text to speech, Faraid trees, and the other features.

Q-faraid is made by Java Platform in order that it can be run in all OS. Q- faraid is made in two different languages, that is to say, Indonesian and English. Arif Arizal, who has represented the College of Amikom Yogyakarta to make the application, has managed to achieve the nomination in INAICTA . /MaSuk-Chend

The ordinary parking system which is exist nowadays using system that the parking officer directly entering vehicle number into the database. Parking gate opened manually after the official synchronize the parking ticket.

In this smart parking system, the whole system is being done by computer. Starting from registering the vehicle number, deciding the parking position, length of parking time and the out vehicle validation which is being done by computer.

The working flow starting when the car enters parking area from entrance gate. Using computer integrated camera and the system will take photograph of the car number. The Digital Pitcure file will be translated into character which is recognized by the system as a whole number sentences.

After number of the vehicle recognized, the system will check the available parking area to be filled by measure the width of previous car. If there is available parking area, system will print parking card which is included by barcode and the vehicle number.

When the car out from parking area, again the system will do the data checking. The car number will be photographed again and being transferred into recognized computer character. The driver will shown theĀ  barcode to the system and being verified with the previous car number which stored in the first time. If the synchronization successfully conducted, mean while the number is match, so the car allowed to pass the exit gate.

The Smart Parking System is one of the Innovation that being made by Puguh Hasta Gunawan (06.11.1311). STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta Student. This Innovation has been pass the first qualification of Indonesia ICT Awards 2009. masuk-chend