M. Suyanto

Coca-Cola was first made in Atlanta, Georgia, by a pharmacist named John Pemberton Styth. Drink made from tree leaves in South America and seeds from West Africa as well as caramel, phosphoric acid and a combination of seven images of natural taste with a well kept secret until now. Coa-Cola name and written in italics are interesting proposed by Frank Robinson who is the holder Bookkeeping Pemberton. Although Coca-Cola was first created in the United States, but in the year 1906 had opened the bottle factory in Canada, Cuba and Panama, and soon followed in other countries. Coca-Cola is now producing more than 300 brands in more than 200 countries. More than 70% revenue came from outside the United States, which shows that Coca-Cola is a truly global company. In the year 2003, Coca-Cola Company elected as the Most Amazing World ranked 9th version of Fortune magazine.

Coca-Cola had failed in the first year sales. Sales conducted by placing a Coca-Cola in the beverage in the pharmacy at a price of 5 cents per glass and 73.96 dollars spent to promote through the distribution of thousands of banners and ads that offer coupons for free drinks. The result on the average 6 glasses per day, resulting in 50 dollars in revenue that first year. Thus a loss in the first year. Failure to make Coca-Cola create awareness of other media, the mass media has more power when compared to other media and promote Coca-Cola with the atmosphere of joy. At the Atlanta Journal Coca-Cola displays the slogan “Coca-Cola. Delicious! Refreshing! Fun! Exciting! Drink Soda Pop Top, contain ingredients that wonderful Coca plant and the famous Cola nut it “. Georgia school report includes Coke ad which states that the drink is “delicious and refreshing”.

The success of Coca-Cola stood out as a clever promotion through the bottle design competition in 1915. Winners of the competition is Root Glass Company. “We need a bottle in which someone would know him as the Coca-Cola even as he felt it in the dark” said Asa Candler, who was then serving as president of Coke. Coca-Cola bottle to distinguish the brand and increase brand identity and maintained until 1955, just after the Coca-Cola is available in cans.

Coca-Cola’s greatness is the ability to target the right markets, make product placement a good position, maintaining product quality, packaging mernacang can distinguish with other beverages, manages an extraordinary distribution, promotion of a positive association and use the sale as well as the modus operandi involves community and local initiatives.

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