M. Suyanto

Pierre Omidyar started a business with his degree in Computer Science. He was interested in developing technology to create products for consumer needs, and he also liked the idea of the concept that could produce a variety of ways through the delivery of products to consumers, to see their reaction, and then improved the products according to their needs. Then, he made the Internet as a place to realize his idea, because with the Internet, quickly he could not only publish the software, get a reaction from consumers, but also correct the mistakes he did. To find out how bidders in Paris, he did not need to go to Paris but just saw it from home or office. Subsequently, he founded eBay, the Internet auction company, in 1995. Prior to  founding eBay, Omidyar, with his colleagues, founded the eSharp, which made him experienced in entrepreneurship. eBay is a company that relies on trust. You can imagine that people paid what they only saw in the auction on the Internet. Without trust, this company would not survive. Net income reached 1.35 million dollars in the third quarter of 1999, and its sales increased by 58.5 million dollars. The number of people who registered on the eBay site increased from 5.6 million to 7.7 million in comparation with the previous quarter. Net income increased by 1.3 million dollars in the same period in the previous year. The sales of goods on the web site increased from 195 million dollars to 741 million dollars. According to Yahoo magazine, eBay was the best on the Internet auction company in 2002.

Anita Roddick founded The Body Shop in his garage space in 1976. He founded his business with his education, that is History. With History, she loved the environment, made natural concept, mixed pure ingredients, did not conduct an experiment with animals, was friendly with the natives, and took care of the environment where the herbal derived. Almost without advertising but with a very massive publicity, The Body Shop became one of the world brands.

Ir. Ciputra, who completed his studies at the Department of Architecture at ITB in Indonesia in 1960, started a business with his education in architecture and property. Ciputra, who was crowned as the best public CEO 1997 according to Swa Sembada magazine, was the President Director of PT Ciputra Development (CD) and President Commissioner of PT Jaya Realty (JR).

Having completed Master of Education in Management, my friends and I cooperated with West Coast Institute of Management and Technology in Australia, and Warnbrough University in the United Kingdom to establish a Master of Business Administration Program. Besides, I also established the Higer Education Institution of Artha Bodi Iswara with the Progarm of a Master of Management in Indonesia. The Institution had the  most students among the same programs by then, and the number of students reached approximately 1000 students. Now it’s time you started a business with your education while you’re in college.

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