By Mohammad Suyanto

A hobby is something you like so much. You can start a business of your hobby, and many successful entrepreneurs has started their businesses of their hobbies, too. In the psychology science of success, 80 percent of 2000 successful people who were found were those who loved what he did. The factor of ‘like’ can bring about energy that presents a tremendous impetus for success, for example Bill Gates. Since he was younger, he has been enjoying doing activities that have something to do with computers until he has succeeded in his business and has become very rich.

Mooryati Soedibyo started a business of her hobby. “As a Princess, I am familiar with herbal medicine and love making herbal medicine. I make herbal health care for other people and my family. I am also accustomed to helping my friends to make herbal medicine taken before the wedding day, before and after childbirth, and so on. What I have done so far is for the sake of social and familial purposes only. After moving to Jakarta, there are still a lot of my friends who like to order my herbal medicine, and they provide the cost of medicinal materials“, said Mooryati Soedibyo, the founder and owner of PT. Mustika Ratu. At first, she made herbal medicine for health care in the form of fresh drinks, such as medicinal beverage of rice herbs, tamarind, and so on. Then, she made the other herbs according to the needs and requests of her customers. Now PT. Mustika Ratu has helped reduce unemployment by hiring around 3000 laborers. This business is also becoming the pride of Indonesia as one of the top quality products which are based and made of the resources generated from Indonesia, which are favored abroad.

Similarly, Martha Tilaar started a business of her hobby, too. Martha Tilaar loves small children, and he had no kid until the age of 40 years. As her husband’s scholarship to study at Indiana University was not enough for both of them to live together there, Martha Tilaar opened a daycare business. The marketing of the business was done at the University by putting an advertisement, of which the content was “I am a Baby Sitter, willing to accommodate infants and children”. The result was that she was trusted to look after 13 children ranging from infants to those already sitting at elementary schools. She was entrusted to do so as their parents attended the lecture. From this child care business, Martha Tilaar’s incomes exceeded her husband’s scholarship. From the results of this effort, she continued her study at the Academy of Beauty Culture in Bloomington, Indiana. After graduating from the Academy, Martha Tilaar announced at her campus that she was no longer a baby sitter, but as a beauty expert on call to serve beauty. Calls flooded Martha Tilaar’s new business. In 1972, after returning from America, his parents’ narrow garage was transformed into a beauty salon with the name Martha’s Salon. Martha Tilaar introduced mixed traditional herbal medicine alone in her salon with the treatment of herself in her experiment. Proved fruitless. As he waited for the birth of her baby, abruptly canceled his partner cooperation, expressed out to establish their own business. These bitter memories made her grateful to Almighty God. I have a baby, but my efforts failed “. But from this failure, Martha changed her failure into success as it is today. Even in Indonesia Matha Tilaar is the only woman about whom John Naisbitt has written in his book “Megatrends Asia”.

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