By M. Suyanto
In addition to opening a business without cash payments at the back, you can also open a business with payments in advance. The combination of the payments at the back and of the payments in advance is the most ideal to start a business. Office buildings, advertisements, and brochures can be obtained by payments at the back while our customers’ payments can be gained in advance. Businesses of vocational-education institutions and even higher-education institutions can be done with prepayment strategy.
On opening a branch of the Central Computer and Management Education at 20 Abubakar Ali street, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and after advertising it in KR, a local daily, which could be paid at the back, we finally got 35 students, which were then given a public lecture that contained an explanation on the material that would be taught for the following year. Starting from the material on Achievement Motivation Training, suddenly the students asked “Where are the computers? And why don’t we have any computers Sir?”. “Look at what is said in the ad?”, I replied. “Computers equipped with Practical Management Education and Entrepreneurship,” they said. “You are right. In this first month you will not have computer classes until you have completed classes of Practical Management Education and Entrepreneurship.“ I answered, saying to myself “But you also have to pay for your tuition fee.“ After one month they were satisfied, and eventually they paid for their tuition fee, which later could be made use of buying 12 PCs by installment. “Those are the computers.” I said. They were surprised, saying “We have already computers Sir!”. I smiled, saying to myself “that is actually due to your money”. In conclusion, we can operate a business with advance payments, that is to say, payments from our customers.
Even when I, with my friends from Totalwin Institute of Management in cooperation with Warnbrough University, England, opened MBA program (when it was not banned), I just provided a five-star hotel that could be paid at the rear, and then the students paid their tuition fee in advance. At first, prospective students were collected at a one-star hotel and were given an explanation of the MBA program from Warnbrough University, including an explanation on how much it would have cost if they were to have majored in the same program in the UK and in their country, Indonesia. When the prospective students, most of whom were not good at English, decided to study the MBA program in their country, the language used in the course of their lectures was Indonesian. Only his or her thesis was written in English and it was in the supervision of Warnbrough University by means of its representative in Australia. Having finished a public lecture, those who were interested in the MBA program could provide a down payment at Rp 1.000.000, which later could be used to rent the room along with other equipment, so we did not spend money. After there had been at least 15 students who enrolled, the college immediately began. Thus, hotels and other facilities could be met with advance payments from students. Then, the results of the MBA program could eventually be used to establish MM Program in Surabaya, Indonesia. The MM Program was likely to be  the best-selling in Indonesia because it had about 1000 students

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