By M. Suyanto

A fantasy community is a forum in which participants create an imagination environment. The customers of AOL (American Online) are provided with various facilities. The AOL of UK includes the latest news about celebrities, events around the UK, topics, and the best information. The AOL of France  provides holiday facilities in France for meeting someone before flying, planning to spend the night in Paris or in the desired place in France. The AOL of Germany provides facilities for easily meeting someone in the group @ aol, easy shopping, news and current reports. The AOL of Brazil provides  facilities for creating home pages for free, meeting Brazilian people through home pages, obtaining the best place to find love on-line in Brazil, getting news and links to the Brazilian football team. The AOL of Japan provides facilities for downloading the software of Japanese version. The AOL of Canada provides free upgrades through AOL 7.0. The AOL of Australia provides facilities for discovering the Great South Land, and you can get in touch with your Australian friends through the AOL. The AOL of  Mexico and Argentina provides facilities for downloading AIM (AOL Instant Messenger). Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and putting advertisements on this site.

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