AMIKOM CREATIVE ECONOMY PARK (ACEP) is an area managed in a manner designed to promote innovation base on people’s use of their creative imagination to increase an idea’s value at AMIKOM Yogyakarta. This park comprises film, radio, TV, animation, game, Ad design, software development, investment advisory and project design into one park. There are a number of both informal and formal connections a company may foster. For example a company is able to:

Invite creative economy tourism
Recruit AMIKOM graduates
Offer internships to students
Retain faculty as consultants
Invite faculty to join corporate boards
Consult with AMIKOM’s Research Office
Obtain access to the University Library systems.
Sponsor joint research projects with AMIKOM faculty and students
Conduct seminars and workshops that encourage the exchange of technical information

In order to excel in competition in the world of work, STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta equips graduates with real experience at AMIKOM ECONOMY PARK as research centre and real laboratories of the world of work.

  1. Cinema : Level 4 Unit VI
  2. MSV Pictures (Animation Studio): Level 2 Unit II and Level 3 Unit VI
  3. Radio MQFM Studio : Level 2 Unit I
  4. RB TV Studio : Level 3 Unit I
  5. Innovation Center : Level 2 Unit 1
  6. GIT Solution (Game Studio and Multimedia) : Level 2 Unit I
  7. TE Internet Service Provider (Networking Server): Level 3 Unit I
  8. Time Excellindo (Software House): Level 1,3,4 Unit III
  9. Entrepreneur Campus (Centre of technopreneurship) : Level I Unit III
  10. Informatics Industry Incubator Centre : Basement 1 Unit V
  11. Motion Capture Studio : Basement 1 Unit IV


Now is the time when Indonesia should build a new society through the combined power of its industries, economy and culture. With a clear understanding of our country’s current situation in mind, we support and foster the development and diversity of our creative industries. We hope to ultimately transform Yogyakarta into the most prominent creative hub in Asia.
Furthermore, we would like to propose using the power of creativity to invigorate Indonesia, with the ultimate aim of enhancing the image of our country. Therefore, the relevant government offices, local authorities and leaders in the private sector will all collaborate to intensify the exchange between people and information, and to reform institutional issues. The following tasks will be undertaken:

With the support of Yogyakarta Special Province, Indonesian creativity will be conveyed across both internationally and domestically. Through this, we will seek to bring in talented human resources, relevant information and funds from all around the world. We will also aim to establish Yogyakarta as a leading creative hub.
We plan to promote strengthened cooperation between companies and take them beyond the classification of ‘industries’, creating businesses which are related to Indonesian culture and lifestyle. Through this, we will boost Indonesia’s domestic consumption and support the foreign operations of our national companies.
We will invite creative world figures into Indonesia.  We will aim to work together and create opportunities so that young talents can improve themselves and flourish in a variety of cultures. Through these efforts, we will seek to nurture human resources and corporations in ways that will be effective worldwide.
In cooperation with international and domestic creative cities, we will aim to secure opportunities for global business through the exchange of human resources and relevant information, and through the operation of joint projects.
With the support of Yogyakarta Special Province, we will develop environments free from any unnecessary restrictions so that we can welcome new values and facilitate creative activities. Through this, we hope to construct a new future for Indonesia.