PT Mataram Surya Visi Sinema (MSV Pictures) is one of AMIKOM’s business units that specialize in animation, multimedia and broadcast.


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To create value through culture-based creativity

Here, students can learn to manage the multimedia business like a cartoon- lm produc- tion, company pro le, media planner, TV Commercial, and TV Programs, etc. Some professional works that MSV have ever produced are BAP- PENAS Company Pro le, the Video Pro le of FH UGM, the Video Pro le of Ever Oxi (Konimex), and Cartoon Films, of which the title are: Jatayu, ABDAN, Thunder Valley, ACIL (Anak Cinta Lingkungan), the cartoon lm of BTKP Education of DIY, Moses & Khidr, Goodbye World.

Products & Services

 Battle of Surabaya (November 10th)

After the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the Allies, Japan ended the war against the Allies. Japan’s surrender to the Allies was signed on the USS Missouri. Indonesia was independent! Free from the Japanese occupation. But the skies of Surabaya are red again. The incident of the flag at Hotel Yamato and the arrival of the Allies who boarded the Netherlands demanding rights over the Dutch East Indies. On the other hand also there are interferences by the youths of Kipas Hitam, a paramilitary organization formed by the Japanese. Read More



Battle of Surabaya (BoS) The Series

Battle of Surabaya (BoS) The Series is a spin-off from the acclaimed film Battle of Surabaya. The series tells the adventures of the film’s beloved characters: Musa, Danu, Yumna, Sholehuddin, Irul Ambon, Mirah, John Wright and Kazuhiro as they live their colorful and imaginative lives during the Surabaya War in 1945.

Ajisaka, The King and the Flower of Life

Long time ago, the world is inhabited by three races, Human, Raksha, and Vidya who live peacefully. Back then, the most precious thing that sustains the livelihood of those three races are the flowers that only grow in the Human land. That peaceful time is destroyed when there is a Rakhsa King, King Chengkar, who wants to control the flowers for the sake of glory and immortality. Raksha rule Vidya and enslave Human. Read More





The Profesional

This 5 minute lengthed 2D animation film tells the story about an adventure of a police in an Indocartoon land, fighting crime such as bank robbery. This film is only intented for mere entertainment with a touch of action comedy genre. This film is made in short lengthed stories. The moral message in the stories is that evil will be defeated and will take cooperation to make it happen. Read More

The Adventure of Abdan (Petualangan Abdan)

This animation film series tell stories about a 4 year old young boy named Abdan. He is cheerful, funny and a little naughty. In his young age, Abdan has to live with his grandmother, due to the absence of his mother and father. Abdan still questions the reason why they left him, was there something wrong he did to them? It is Abdan’s grandmother who calms him down, although the question still remains: “Why did his parents leave him?”

The Letter of Heaven

One small frog life in aphanage house . he always hope and dream that someday one family adoption him . he always send letter by air balloon . he hope that the god gonna answer his letter. Read More






Goodbye World

A male frog fell in love with a female frog, and he’d do anything to get to her heart. One day, the male frog gave the female frog a mosquito that he caught. Thus, the female frog refused, and her small figured lover got angry and took her away from the male frog. Eventually the male frog became frustrated and heartbroken. Many suicidal attempts was made by the male frog, starting from hanging himself, drinking poison, placing a gun before himself, jumping off a cliff, and so on. Read More



Halilintar Valley

This film tells the story about the battle between a young man named Halilintar and his enemy who has super powers. That moment, his teacher got thrown by the enemy’s powers and died that instance. Seeing this, Halilintar raged to attack his enemy, but he almost ended up like his teacher. Halilintar was losing and covered with blood. Dying, he recalled the images of his friends when they were together building a studio. In his blurred thoughts, Halilintar saw his friends coming to save him. Eventually Halilintar and his friends could take down his enemies one by one. Read More



The story of a young man who suddenly changed into a hero called Jatayu. The story began when group of senior high school students were on a field trip and suddenly one of the students caught a glimpse of monster in one of his photos on his camera. The monster was in between the temple’s rocks of Prambanan, looking for a magical stone which was pursposely thrown away from the monster’s land in order to prevent the damage on earth that the stone may cause. After a while walking arounf Prambanan temple, suddenly there was a temple which shone a blinding red ray of light. Read More



Our studio team is able to deliver creative process to bring all aspects on animation movie making from concept into final production, and as well as for movie distribution. These include :

2D Pipe-line Production

3D Pipe-line Production



As creator and co-creator for some animated movies, MSV Pictures have the right for several Intellectual Properties. We are opens to any partnership for products licensing to design , produce and distribute the product range base on our movies characters. Below, among the product that we are interested are :