‘Education at AMIKOM has prepared career path for the students …’. (Asih Subagyo, Chief Executive O cer of PT Totalindo, Jakarta) ‘AMIKOM has given a positive mental attitude of education to prepare future leaders’. (Aryanto Yuniawan, General Manager of PT. Surya Mata- ram Vision)

‘The rst lecture seemed so exiting …, so I knew very much about the world of informatics. Previously I knew nothing about computers …. At this purple campus I could undersdtand the bases of the informatics eld, multimedia, networking, programming, database …’. (Widhiarta, Web Programmer)

‘Paradigms and creative ideas raised by AMIKOM can make me survive until now’. (Agus Setiawan, Employer of Chamber Training Center Den- pasar, Bali, and
‘To be honest, at rst I was not interested in the computer world. I went to AMIKOM college just to ll time waiting for the next Entrance Test of State Higher Education . But 1 semester later, I did love the computer world. The new knowledge given and the familial management imple- mented by AMIKOM Foundation were so impressive that I could never forget my former small college which is now becoming magni cent. I thank AMIKOM for showing me the way’. (Herbirowo Adjie, Systems Analyst of PT Bukit Makmur Mandiri Utama)