By Mohammad Suyanto

You have a good idea of doing business but do not have any capital; however, you can still do so with capital cooperation. You have close friends whom you can count on, and then you can contact and convince them to get capital support. The advantage of this effort can be in accordance with the agreement. The more you involve them; the more they trust you, and it also means that you will be able to gain capital investment in your business. To do this strategy, at first you can convince your closest friends who trust you the most. Then, you can do so with your friends who relatively less trust you. Honesty is the most important thing in starting a business with capital cooperation. Openness and fairness must be upheld so that they trust you. The trust they give to you is regarded as the money they are saving. Naturally, they hope that the savings could get bigger in the long-run. Similarly, the more savings they gain; the more they trust you.

When I met a close friend of mine, a sales representative of Metrodata Corporate, he immediately offered me to become a dealer of Epson computers. “Do you want to sell Epson computers, Med?” My friend asked. Med was my nickname when I was in high school I in Madiun, Indonesia. “I have no capital” I replied. “It does not need any capital. You simply display Epson computers. Then, you will not pay for each of the computers until it has been sold. I give two-month grace period “my friend said. “All right. I’ll try to sell Epson computers” I agreed. Why did my friend trust me? Because he and I went to the same high school and always sat beside me in the classroom. When going to school, I rode him on the back of our bicycle, and when returning home from school, he did the same. We always shared our pocket money. When I had money, I treated him to meals and soft drinks, and when he had money, it was his turn to do so. When I was sick, I lay down on the bed in his house while he went to school himself. I often ate in his house and learned together, entertained his brother with conjuring tricks, and talked with his parents. I sometimes borrowed money from him to pay my tuition fee, and I repaid the loans in accordance with my promise. I am very fortunate to have a close friend who has trusted me up to now. His name is Agus Widodo Honggo, and now he is a Director of Metrodata Corporate. You can also try to start a business with capital cooperation by means of your closest friends.

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