Nabataen Business (1)

By M. Suyanto

Nabataen is descended from Nabit, one of the children of the Prophet Ismail as. Nabataen from the nineteenth century BC (BC) until the sixth century BC, the Nabstsen work is trading. Nabataen is living in the Arab North, in general, get their strength owing to the business and is not due to the strength of the military, both the establishment and the period of its development. Nabataen related Arabia, Hajar, Mesopotamia and Edom. Nabataen build colonies in ten communities in the Arab Middle, Mesopotamia, Mada’in Saleh near Dedan, South Jenyson Gaza, near Selah Busheira, the capital Edomit. During the period the business route from South Arabia (Yemen) through the Arabia Peninsula to the land of Edom. From Edom, the goods transported to Damascus to the north or west to Egypt. The second is the route from South Arabia (Oman) along the east coast, with the ship by Gerrha people, goods transported to the port in Mesopotamia. From Mesopotamia goods brought to Babilonia join the Silk Road. Then, the goods transported via Damascus to Ponesia in the Mediterranean Sea.

In the first half of the 6 century BC, people Nabasia (al-Anbat, the term classic to Nabasia) is the rule of tribal areas that we now know as Transyordan and live in the area Edomir (Idumeans word from the descendants of Esau), and from there they then seize Petra. Nabataen, after the metropolis to control the city Petra, immediately take control of the areas in the surrounding areas. Petra, which in Greek means sandstone. Al-Raqim is for a Petra in the Arabic language and the name of modernization is Wadi Musa (Moses valley). Ancient city, which is located on a barren plateau 3,000 feet, is now presenting views of a large grave with a sandstone be chiselled in the new (Umm al-Biyarah), a layer of stones radiating colorful rainbow. Nabasia also create a nation that is located in the palace at the top of the mountain. According to Diodorus, in this period Nabataen start using the ship in the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

During the period of four hundred years, starting from the 4 th century BC, a city of Petra in the caravan routes travel between Saba and Mediterinia. According to Zenon Papyri, the Nabataen compete with the nation Minea and the Gerha (Jarha) in the business of the incense. The traders using the land route travel. Nabasia early history of the nation written by Diodorus and Sculus. Around 312 S.M. they are strong enough to cry twice invasion troops Antigonus, King of Syria, which became successor Aleksandra, and return with a full victory to the “reef” is. They are in effect Prolemius.

In 250 BC – 100 BC, Nabataen is using boats to catch incense from the Arab Adding to traders, and taken to the northern port of their new Leuce Come, from the port, goods are brought to the beach to Aila and through the power of local people Nabasia brought to Egypt , Damascus, Mesopotamia, Greece and Rome. In this period, Nabataen was hauling cargo ship from Yemen to the south Leuce class and also the port of Egypt, is the route they Berenike

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