Nabataen Business (3)

By M. Suyanto

In the period 20 BC – 106 M, Nabataen sell power to the Roman and a Roman citizen with permanent hope of a monopoly business in East Asia. Nabataen, who believe in the city of Petra, reached peak success in the government Uadest “IV (9 BC 40 F). At the beginning of a century CE, the area of al-Hijr (Mada’in Salih) in the north Hijr can be sure in the region including in the Nabataea kingdom as evidenced from various papers in there. Rabbil II is the king of the Nabataea kingdom in the period 70-106 M. In the 105 M. King of the autonomy Traya. Nabataea and in the region next year they became one of the Roman province. After Diodorus, Yosephus is the first source of information about Nabataen, but Yosephus interested to discuss their conflict with the Hebrew people. For him, the Arab kingdom is Nabataea that extends eastward to Eufrat. Malchus or Malichus (in Arabic, Malik), which is called by Yosephus as the “king of the Arabs” who become friends and Herod’s father, and other Malchus (Malchus II, M. 40-70) that is approximately 67 M. Sending 1,000 ponytail and 5,000 troops to help Titus, to attack Yarusalem, is the Nabataen. In Makkabee 5: 25; 5 8 people reconcile with the Nabasia those Arab people from Bedouin tribes Huwaythat regarded as a modern descendant of the Nabataen.

City of Petra reached the peak of wealth and prosperity in the first century CE, when the country became the Roman protectorate, which treats the city as a shield to the Persian. The third side of the city, namely the east, west and south, guarded by very strict. In the third side, the city used by stone walls, sandstone, with a beautiful be chiselled. The high cliffs, steep and almost can not be penetrated encircle the city and out the tunnel a little narrow and winding.

Petra is the only city that lies between Jordan and the Middle Arab which has a water source that is not only drawing, but also very pure. Nabataen have in managing water systems. They developed a system to collect rain water by using water channels, pipes and water below the ground.

Here is traveling caravan people of South Arabia have northward to the health resort since the camels and to its rider. So, Nabataen is the important in the chain make a prosperous business area of South Arabia. The stunning ruins of Petra is still a lot of tourists and an important source of income for the country of Jordan. Petra has a place of worship similar world equipped with Dusyara (Dusares), the black stone oblong, and that is placed at the front of the temple, Allat, referred to as the Aphrodite Urania by Herodotus, the Lord is the main female. Dusyara (dzu-Personality, namely: Personality of God) later associated with the vine, introduced to the country of Nabataea in the Hellenistic period, and glorified God as a wine tradition that is taken from the customs nation Dionysus Bacchus.

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