Nabataen Business (2)

By M. Suyanto

From Berenike, goods through the land bridge to Alexandria. In this period, goods from India and China began to arrive in the port of Arabia. They also cross the land to the Mediterranean port of Alexandria, ship them to transport the goods to the various regions around the Mediterranean Sea. Business outside this country to become more vibrant after China and India sends representatives merchandise to the Middle East. The development of maritime business of Nabataen also followed the growth of the nation Himyar in South Arabia. Nabataen cooperate against the other in South Arabia.

In 100 BC – 20 BC, the port of Nabataen, Gaza began to lose the level of time. Most traders Nabataea and Asia through Alexandria. Gaza was controlled by Jews. Nabataen develop its business towards the north with the expense of Gaza. They control the business in the ancient city of Damascus in 85 BC. This provides the opportunity to dominate the business route land and sea from the east. Nabasia control the nation Silk Road (Silk Road) is the main point and marine business with India and Ceylon. With such a nation Nabasia developed into a world class economic power and start working hard project the image of wealth or the world by building a world-class capital city named Petra. The first king of the Nabataen is Haritsats I (al-Harits) since 169 BC At the time Jesus preached a.s. , Kingdoms Nabataea extends to the north to Damascus, which together with the regional Coele-Syria seized by Haritsats II in about 87 BC from the hands of the people Seleukia. In the government Haritsats III (Aretas III) around 67-62 BC, draft of Nabataen for the first time formed a close relationship with the Roman and in the currency of that first printed the kingdom. In the power Haritsats IV appear to arrest commandment Paul in Damascus. At 47 S.M. Julius Caesar ask Maliki (Malik Malchus I) kaveleri to provide troops to fight in Alexandria. Then, Obidats (Ubaydah, Obodar III, around 28-29 BC), became ruler of the Roman expedition to the Arabs. During the Roman spread to South Yemen to find the source of incense (frankincense), the Nabataen not only manage to destroy the Roman fleet through trickery, but their effective use for the Roman fleet against the Himyar and the Minea. Nevertheless, people Nabasia can not subdue a nation Himyar people Minea and, even next year Himyar people subjected Nabataen. Nabataen into the Roman allies and participate in the invasion known to the Arabs 24 years BC under the leadership Gallus. Finally Himyar people to take control of the production of frankincense and myrrh all business. Himyar nation capable of delivering incense and then by boat to areas that cause Nabataen business at Gerrha to disintegration.

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